The BlackBerry 10 Native SDK Experience

Native SDK Development

After months of hard work and lots of late nights and weekends, we have the first beta release of the BlackBerry® 10 Native SDK that we are thrilled to share with you. The BlackBerry 10 Native SDK contains a set of rich APIs and IDE improvements that will help developers build high-performance native applications. The Native SDK contains all the APIs and features previously available on our BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS, along with additional functionality.

Some of the new APIs being introduced include:

Scoreloop™ SDK 2.0: Our Scoreloop social gaming SDK provides APIs to set up user profiles and global leaderboards, award achievements, and challenge other players. Game developers in particular can enhance their games by adding cool new functionality for social gaming.

Payment APIs: Our payment APIs will help facilitate the integration of in-app payment processing mechanisms in apps.

Battery Monitoring and LED Control: These APIs will give apps access to hardware components on the device. Battery monitoring in particular will allow our applications to read the battery level, so they can inform their users about potential loss of data if the battery level is too low to complete an activity. It also allows an app to register for battery level notifications so that it can receive low battery warnings and handle them accordingly.

On the tooling side, we are introducing a limited beta version of the new BlackBerry® Plug-in for Microsoft® Visual Studio. We’ve been listening to our game developers who develop their titles using the Visual Studio IDE, and this plug-in will now make it easier for these developers to adapt their games for our platform. The Visual Studio plug-in provides options to register for code signing keys, create developer certificates, create and upload debug tokens as well as to build and run applications on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0 and BlackBerry 10 platforms. The plug-in can be installed with either Visual Studio 10 Standard or Professional edition, though it is still in Beta and lacks support for features such as debugging. We are interested in getting your feedback as you start it to build your apps, and would like you to report any issues or concerns through our BlackBerry developer support forums, which are monitored regularly.

This new BlackBerry 10 Native SDK is just the start of the journey. We will be bringing additional APIs along with associated tooling improvements, and we are continuing to work with our third party partners and developers to ensure that their needs and requirements are being taken into account as we continue to release new functionality. This will not only help our developers build and monetize their apps for BlackBerry, but also enrich our BlackBerry App World™ with new and exciting content.

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