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One of the true pleasures of my job is talking with developers. Creative, outspoken, funny, smart, artistic, genuine – they’re just some of the best people in the world to hang with. BlackBerry® 10 Jam was amazing last week. The code demos, AppCircus, the lunches and down time with people at the bar – these were the highlights for me.

As you know, I publish my email address everywhere (alec.saunders@rim.com), and people write to me. Nobex Chief Software Architect Jamie Julius wrote me the following last Friday, and gave me permission to share it with you all:

Hi Alec,

I wanted to thank you personally for such a great BB 10 Jam.

Last November, a letter that I had sent to someone at RIM was forwarded to you. In it I described my feelings after attending DevCon last fall in San Francisco.

Well, things have definitely changed. The difference between that DevCon and this Jam is like night and day.

Over the last three days, in keynotes and in sessions, the messages coming from RIM were very clear. Not only do we now see more clearly where RIM is going, but also what we should be doing as developers. As opposed to a vague range of technologies to be supported, it has now been made more clear which will work best for what.

For Nobex Radio, for example, all the RIM technical representatives made it very clear to me why Cascades is the way for us to go. The list of reasons is long. We never received such a clear message before.

I came away feeling that BB10 is now tangible. And I don’t just mean that I can hold the Dev Alpha device in my hand. I see real API’s! Even if some aren’t ready yet, I see them coming. I know what they will cover. That makes a really big difference. I also have an IDE with which to start writing real code. That makes a big difference too.

Back in November, games were over-emphasized. Not anymore. I think RIM has re-focused its identity. Games should definitely have an important place on BlackBerry smartphones, but not blown out of proportion.

So, a big congratulations to you and your team for doing such a great job putting together BB 10 Jam.

The enormous investment that RIM is making in dev relations has not gone unnoticed.


Jamie Julius
Chief Software Architect
Nobex Technologies

Thanks Jamie.

There are still lots of milestones to cross on the road to BlackBerry 10, but last week was a major step forward for RIM and the development community. We hope everyone who came to BlackBerry 10 Jam walked away with the same experience as Jamie, and we’re counting on you all, so let’s go write some code together!

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