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The Developer Relations team is packing up for the trip down to Orlando, Florida for BlackBerry® 10 Jam. Laptop? Check. Be Bold t-shirts? Check. Apps? Check.

Sure your toothbrush is important – but after you pack that, here are the apps I recommend:

Card2Contact: You’ll be getting a lot of business cards as you meet people at #BB10Jam. Best thing to do: use Card2Contact to take a photo of the business cards you get and let the Card2Contact team convert them into vCards for you. They actually have human beings type the data in for you! They even have a deal for the month of May – unlimited scanning for only $4.99 (use the promo code “BB10JAM”). Follow them at @Card2Contact for more details.

TweetCaster: BlackBerry = Social. We’ve already got a great Twitter® app with Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones, but if you’re looking for a different option for your Tweeting needs – something with the BBM™ integration, but with a unique user interface – then look no further than TweetCaster from @OneLouderApps. They have free and pro versions available – definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a new Twitter experience on a BlackBerry smartphone.

Memegasm: Words can’t describe. Just buy Memegasm.

MorphWiz-Play: Just launched in BlackBerry App World™ this week, this is the first music app I’ve seen that turns the entire BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet into an instrument, not just the screen. MorphWiz is the brainchild of Jordan Rudess, the keyboardist for the band Dream Theater. Here’s a video to show off what it can do:

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

I also asked some of our Developer Relations team what apps they have installed for #BB10Jam – here are their “must-haves”:

Tim Windsor

Brian Zubert

Adam Stanley

Lou Gazzola

Victoria Berry

What apps are you installing for the show?

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