What to do if your Package ID has been rejected by BlackBerry App World

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If you have submitted an upgrade to your application in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront, there is a chance you may have run into an error that prevents you from uploading your new BAR file:

File bundle (YOUR_NAME) has been rejected. Package ID is required for all .bar file. If this is an upgrade, Package ID must match Package ID in original file bundle.

Before I explain how to fix it, let me provide some background on what a package ID is and why it’s so important. For those in a hurry who want to skip the theory, jump to the “How to Resolve This Error” section below.

What is a Package ID?

Package ID is a fingerprint for your application. It is generated based on two pieces of information: the package name of your application and your BlackBerry® Code Signing Key. These two components create a unique identifier that must remain constant for all versions of your application.

When an application is installed, the BlackBerry® Tablet OS looks at the package ID of an application and compares it to those already installed. If there is a match, it knows that the installation is an upgrade to an existing application. No match means it is a fresh installation. You may start to see the problem that occurs if the package ID of your application changes. If the package ID of the upgraded version of your application is different, the system installs it as a NEW application. The end result is that the user now has 2 copies of the application on their BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet and the new version does not have access to private data stored by the previous version.

How to view your Package ID

The package ID is located in an application’s manifest file. To view it, open your BAR file in an archive utility (such as WinZip), enter the META-INF directory and view the MANIFEST.MF file in a text editor. In it you’ll see a line that looks like this:

Package-Id: gYABgHeh_SFwaaGMYiUNE-SXswk

This is the package ID of your application.

How to Resolve This Error

There are two scenarios that you can see this error:

  1. When providing an upgrade to an existing application already for sale in BlackBerry App World.
  2. When providing a signed bar file for an application that was rejected for being unsigned in BlackBerry App World.

For applications already for sale, there are two possible modifications that could have caused the change of a package ID. There could have been either a change to the package name of your application or the code signing key used to sign the application. If you changed the package name of your application, revert back to the original, rebuild and sign the application. If you signed with a different code signing key, rebuild the application and sign with the original code signing key. Once fixed, you can submit your upgrade to BlackBerry App World.

For new applications rejected for being unsigned, the steps are a bit different. Package IDs are different for signed version unsigned versions of an application. This enables you, as a developer, to install a production version of your application alongside a debug version on the same BlackBerry PlayBook tablet allowing you to enjoy a stable copy of your application while testing new versions. Therefore, if you created a new product in BlackBerry App World and the first bar file submitted was unsigned, you won’t be able to provide a signed version because it will trigger this error (we’re working on improving the submission process to eliminate this scenario). The current workaround for this is to rename your original product to something you’ll never use and create a new product, where you can upload the signed bar file.

Important Note pertaining to those who have submitted an unsigned application during the free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet offer window

If you fall into scenario two described above, creating a new product after the deadline will not invalidate you from the free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet offer. This assumes you originally submitted the application during the qualifying period and met the rest of the requirements outlined in the terms and conditions. Please contact BlackBerryPlayBookOffer@tmgideas.com if you have questions regarding fulfillment of your free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet once your application has been approved.

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