Social gaming comes to BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 – Scoreloop SDK 1.0 now available



We are excited to announce the launch of the Scoreloop™ SDK 1.0 for BlackBerry® Native SDK for PlayBook OS. We have received a tremendous amount of feedback from you, our developer community, since the launch of the Scoreloop SDK Beta for the BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS at BlackBerry DevCon Americas last October. Now we’re gold and can offer access to the best set of social features for native games on BlackBerry PlayBook OS.

Scoreloop is the leading cross-platform social gaming ecosystem with over 120 million users, offering developers a fully-flexible set of tools to power their games with social gaming features including Leaderboards, Achievements, Player Challenges and Player Profiles. The SDK is fully customizable, allowing developers to choose as few or as many features as they want and build them seamlessly into the look and feel of the game.

During the beta, we worked with Paw Print Games Ltd. to integrate Scoreloop into their awesome title KAMI RETRO HD. “Our experience integrating Scoreloop features into KAMI RETRO HD on the BlackBerry PlayBook has been seamless,” explains Steven Craft, Director of Paw Print Games. “We have integrated the main features such as leaderboards and awards. These social additions add a layer of fun and connections for our users. Our next title, Wacky Rapids, due April 2012 on PlayBook will follow in KAMI RETRO HD’s footsteps with Scoreloop integration.”

Get started right away with:

  • Leaderboards – Allow players to compete on regional and global leaderboards
  • Awards and Achievements – Keep players engaged with challenging achievements
  • Player Challenges – Add competitive edge with social challenges
  • Player Profiles – Personalize the experience with editable profiles
  • Friend Management – Spur competition between closest rivals

Take a look at our Scoreloop pages where we have a comprehensive set of resources to help you get started.

We can´t wait to see what you do!

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