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BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

In light of Hewlett Packard’s decision to contribute webOS to the open source community, we’d like to welcome webOS developers to another open source community: BlackBerry® WebWorks™. We invite you to expand your options by developing HTML5 applications for the BlackBerry device platform using the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK and the Ripple emulator.

Why develop for BlackBerry?

The BlackBerry® Platform is standards based, with an outstanding web experience and the ability to package web resources into full applications with our BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK. You can leverage your existing skills with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, and leverage the talents of other developers from our vast and continually growing community of Open Source contributors. A variety of Open Source projects are underway including ports of major libraries like Qt and Lua, while we have open sourced the entire BlackBerry WebWorks SDK and the Ripple emulator. There is even a community-based project to support developing applications with the Python language on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

BlackBerry has a vibrant user base that has added over 20 million more subscribers in the last year, reaching 70 million total subscribers. It’s also a platform where developers can make money. As a developer on the BlackBerry Platform, you can reach a global audience in 130 countries.

Developers can take advantage of platform features to help them succeed, such as integration with BlackBerry’s well-loved instant messaging service, BBM™. With more than 50 million BBM users, BBM integration provides an additional monetization stream via both Advertising Service and in-app Payments.

How we can help

We’ve worked with Łukasz Dzierżak, a developer from the BlackBerry community who has experience with both webOS and BlackBerry WebWorks development, to create a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet app development guide for webOS developers.

Łukasz will also be on hand at BlackBerry DevCon Europe to run a hackathon for webOS developers where they can port their apps with the assistance of BlackBerry development experts.

Get started today

Along with the new development guide, why not head to our BlackBerry WebWorks site to get familiar with how to build HTML5 apps with Native capabilities? We have a getting started guide and tools available.

Go for it!

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