Not Your Grandfather’s Simulator: Ripple Beta Refresh Available for Download


The latest version of the Ripple Emulator v0.9.1 beta for Microsoft® Windows and Mac is now available for download. This beta refresh is designed to add more BlackBerry® WebWorks™ API support, debugging support, bug fixes and a designated area where you can place your application files to use with the Ripple Emulator without configuring your own local web server.

The full list of improvements:

  • Support for JavaScript® breakpoints in Web Inspector
  • Added SSL support for Microsoft Windows®
  • WebWorks File I/O API support
  • HTML5 Audio/Video support on Microsoft Windows
  • Local solution for emulating your app without configuring your own local web server
  • Ability to work offline after an initial connection to the Internet

Did you know that the Ripple Emulator v0.9.1 beta and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0 beta support WebGL in BlackBerry WebWorks?

That’s right! The latest BlackBerry PlayBook tablet OS 2.0 beta developer release has support for WebGL when used inside of an HTML5 application packaged with BlackBerry WebWorks. When packaged with BlackBerry WebWorks, it is the same as any OpenGL based application on the platform.

On top of that, WebGL is also enabled in the Ripple Emulator so that you can test out your application with the desired screen size and incorporate touch events in order to get your application just right. We have even made the source code available for the Tunnel Tilt WebGL demo seen at BlackBerry® DevCon Americas.

How does the Local Solution work?

This latest Ripple Emulator refresh is designed to provide a way to allow developers to emulate and test their applications residing on their development machine. Leveraging node.js which is run as part of Ripple’s build and deploy features, we effectively configure and run a local web server that can be accessed from the Ripple Emulator.

In order to test your local application, ensure that your application is stored on your file system at the locations listed below, and access your application by entering http://localhost:9900//index.html into the URL bar of the tool.

On Microsoft® Windows XP machines: Documents and Settings\<Username>\RippleSites
On Microsoft® Windows 7 machines: Users\<Username>\RippleSites
On Mac OS X machines: /Users/<Username>/RippleSites

Playing HTML5 audio/video content in Ripple Emulator v0.9.1 beta

Ripple Emulator v0.9.1 beta is designed to allow you to play HTML5 audio/video content so that you can ensure your media content is integrated correctly. While the tags are supported in the Ripple Emulator, they rely on the system having appropriate codecs installed for the media content type you are trying to use. The Ripple Emulator does not bundle any media codecs, so in the event that your content is not played in the Ripple Emulator, please download the appropriate codecs.

What will happen to the Google® Chrome™ plug-in?

The existing Google Chrome plug-in will remain available for download up until February 29th, 2012, when it will be removed from the extension store. The stand-alone Ripple Emulator architecture is evolving daily to allow us to provide a more extensive emulation framework with the ability to tailor the rendering and simulation to each platform Ripple supports.

Our goal is to minimize the time our community needs to spend testing on simulators or devices by providing a best in class desktop browser-like emulation environment that comes as close as possible to runtime behavior. We encourage all our developers to make the transition to the current Ripple Emulator tool found on our site at

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