BBM Apps Hackathons: The Story So Far


BBM Apps Hackathon

Here’s a quick but informative update from our friend Victoria about the BBM™ Apps Hackathon events currently happening worldwide! – Ed.

We’ve now run four BBM Apps Hackathon events – one each in New York, Waterloo, Toronto, and San Francisco. Each one has had great attendees and has been an amazing learning experience. The feedback from the developers we’ve been meeting is that they are making incredible progress on their projects, while at the same time connecting and networking with other mobile app developers.

One of the best parts of the events is getting out there and meeting developers one-on-one and hearing their stories and ideas. It’s intriguing to hear how important the social aspects in an app can be, especially in terms of creating word-of-mouth marketing and buzz. I think almost every developer immediately included our “Invite to Download” feature.

Our BBM experts were on hand to help attendees – they were not only giving tips and tricks one-on-one, but they also lead some in-depth tutorials that included:

  • Status and Profile Box Features
  • Multiuser Activities with Connections

I think that the collaborative nature of these events is a particular bonus, especially when I see some developers show off shortcuts that they’ve learned or created.

We’ve also been hearing what I’ll call “The Tales of the Tools.” One attendee said to me, “The tools are actually really easy to use with a lot of flexibility, but getting to them…?” This type of feedback has been invaluable so far, and we hope to continue gathering input at our upcoming Hackathons.

The next few Hackathons will span the globe from Boston to Jakarta to London – check for more details and hope to see you there.

Have you attended one of the BBM Apps Hackathons near you? What was your favorite aspect of the event?

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