Spice Labs Utilizes Push, Super Apps Functionality for Development Success


Hangman by Spice Labs

Mobile applications fall into many categories, but games have always been amongst the most popular. Spice Labs has had success developing easy-to-use gaming apps that please app-savvy users ranging from young kids to corporate executives with favorites like Snake and Hangman. Spice Labs is based in India and develops consumer and enterprise applications for a global audience.

Prashant Singh tells us why the developers at Spice Labs like working with the BlackBerry® platform.

How important has it been for Spice Labs to work closely with Research In Motion® (RIM®)?
It’s been a really important part of our growth. In just one year, we’ve become elite members of the BlackBerry Alliance Program. We have access to the newest technology to test the games and we can actually contact the people who are developing the technology. I can pick up the phone or email and get a quick response, and that kind of access is really hard to beat. The RIM team has given us a lot of advice, and we’re working on a lot of initiatives with them. We see it as a mutually beneficial partnership.

How has Push technology been useful to you?
We love the tight integration between the framework and the user experience. We use Push in a number of our apps, including Hangman, where we send a daily word pack to users every day. Thanks to the precise targeting of Push, we’ve been able to really customize our content packs and increase user engagement. We believe they return to our apps because Push allows us to target them with fresh content that makes the game more relevant.

From the developer side, what are some other important features of the BlackBerry platform?
There really wasn’t much of a learning curve in terms of understanding and mastering the development side. The BlackBerry platform wasn’t constrained in terms of processing power, connectivity or memory. We use Java® for our BlackBerry apps and Adobe® Flash® for our BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet app, and they’re both very straightforward. The toolsets are easy to use, and there are a lot of people who already have a lot of expertise with them.

You mentioned the importance of integration – what are your thoughts on BlackBerry Super Apps?
Super Apps are a much needed and exciting initiative that enables a lot of device integration, integration with BBM™, and more. We believe that they are the logical next stage in the evolution of mobile apps, and it’s encouraging that RIM offers this functionality. We have a detailed plan to integrate Super App functionality into our portfolio of apps. We are very satisfied with RIM’s initiative in enabling a vibrant developer ecosystem.

Why is it important for Spice Labs to develop for the BlackBerry market?
As developers, we want our software to reach the maximum number of users, so developing for the BlackBerry platform was really a no-brainer for us. Plus, the BlackBerry platform has a huge base of very savvy users that we wanted to target with our applications. It’s been a very important platform market for us, and our return on investment is higher on the BlackBerry platform than any other.

How have you benefited from distributing your apps on the BlackBerry App World™ storefront?
BlackBerry App World offers a highly targeted distribution platform for mobile app developers. You can choose your niche and target your app with a high degree of specificity, which helps us reach out to our users. We have integration in place with the BlackBerry® Messenger SDK, and we’ve done well with the BlackBerry® Advertising Service. It’s beneficial because advertisers are willing to pay top dollar to reach RIM’s users, as they are a desireable demographic for advertisers. Since most of our apps are free, a key parameter for us is also the download count, which directly impacts our advertising revenue.

Thanks for this interview, Prashant! Readers, be sure to check out Spice Lab’s offerings in BlackBerry App World.

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