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Here with more exciting news is Victoria, who wants to tell you all about our just-announced BlackBerry Jam program! – Ed.

Over the past few years, one of the priorities for BlackBerry® Developer Relations has been growing community programs. We’ve worked to support, grow and promote BlackBerry Developer Groups, share more information, and help through our Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog and @BlackBerryDev Twitter account.

We also recently hosted several BBM Apps Hackathons to help get developers started with our Social Platform pieces. We’ve been focusing on building relationships and finding new ways to collaborate with our developer communities.

I’m very excited to tell you a bit about the “BlackBerry Jam” program that was unveiled at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011. I think of BlackBerry Jam as a continuation of the promise that we are making to developers to keep listening, keep learning and keep sharing information back out to them.

So why did we call it BlackBerry Jam? It really goes back to jamming with your friends, your peers, and your family. It’s those conversations that lead to new ideas and new connections.

BlackBerry Jam really highlights our commitment to working closely with developers to become an important partner in their success. This program draws together the services and programs we have built that help developers with go-to-market and success strategies, as well as aligning our Web portals with the BlackBerry Jam focus of communication and partnership.

One of the areas close to my heart is the BlackBerry Jam Community program.

BlackBerry Jam Community will encompass a lot of the programs we are building, allowing us to reach out to the community, connect with our developers and have face-to-face time. The Support Forums, the meetup programs we’re involved in, the hackathons we’ve been hosting, our BlackBerry Developer Groups and global Developer Days will all be part of a larger BlackBerry Jam Session program.

This is a reinvigorated focus on “us”: RIM and our developers. A pledge to continue our focus on how we can collaborate, to listen and use the feedback you are providing to us, to meet you and have you meet us, to find new ways to learn from each other and to work with you to evolve our tools and the support system we have in place for you.

I, for one, cannot wait to get started. So, how would you want to work with us, to jam with us?

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