Sponsors at BlackBerry DevCon Americas: Not Your Average Companies

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BlackBerry DEVCON Americas 2011

BlackBerry® DevCon Americas 2011 is coming up fast, and with it come conference attendees who expect a lot from the event. They expect valuable insight, products and tools that can help their development projects succeed. In fact, they take this conference so seriously that nearly 75% of BlackBerry DevCon 2010 attendees who responded to a survey about their experiences indicated that they plan to pursue a working relationship with a sponsor they met at BlackBerry DevCon. This meeting of the developer minds, in short, could mean business – especially if you’re a company looking to sponsor this year’s event.

So then, the important question: Are you someone who our attendees need to meet? Because this year, there are enhanced ways to ensure that you connect as often and dynamically as possible with BlackBerry DevCon attendees. For example, the BlackBerry DevCon Party has now moved to the Mobility Pavilion on Tuesday October 18, 2011. In the middle of the action, around the buzz of booths and demos, there will be a steady flow of avid developers. These are people looking to learn, engage and maybe invest in the solution that you propose will make their project succeed.

Here are a few sponsorship options you might consider to get your name in front of your target audience:

  • Drink in your message – Instead of bottled water, this year’s attendees get a reusable water bottle that they can refill at water coolers throughout the conference, with your company’s logo featured on them. This year’s reusable bottle is actually a trendy foldable water bottle ‘bag’ – also with your logo on it – an item with continued use long after the conference is over.
  • Help carry the load – Another eco-friendly option is the Mobility Pavilion Bag, which is given to attendees when they enter the Mobility Pavilion. Having your company’s logo printed on bags being carried by BlackBerry DevCon attendees would make for increased visibility.
  • Social activities – Social media will be playing a huge role in this year’s event, and our social media channels will undoubtedly be a great way to get your company’s name out there.

BlackBerry DevCon is great every year because of the involvement of sponsors like you. If you are interested in pursuing sponsorship options for the BlackBerry DevCon Americas, BlackBerry DevCon Asia or BlackBerry DevCon Europe conferences, let’s talk about it! Send us an email at devcon@rim.com and we’ll set up a call to brainstorm the opportunities.

Thank you to everyone already on board, and we look forward to introducing our newest sponsors to our attendees at BlackBerry DevCon Americas!

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