BlackBerry Developer Success Story: Doodle Blast


Doodle Blast

Like many other Adobe® Flash® and Adobe® AIR® developers we’ve met since we announced the Adobe Flash-loving BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, Robert Podgorski and Michal Wroblewski from FlexibleAIR have a great success story to tell when it comes to developing for the BlackBerry® Tablet OS. As a small team of Adobe Flash developers from Poznan, Poland, they created the extremely addictive game Doodle Blast, which has already racked up tens of thousands of downloads in the short time it’s been available.

We asked Robert and Michal what convinced them to develop for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet over other tablets:

“There were a few reasons we were attracted to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. For one, it is the first device with a true dual-core processing unit. We tested Doodle Blast on single core devices, and they didn’t measure up to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. It was really the dual processing that enabled us to build a game that users are going to really love. The second big thing is the size. The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is the ideal screen size for Doodle Blast because you need to draw lines by hand. We couldn’t play the game on a ten-inch screen.”

That’s so true! I thought about all the times I’ve played the game while on the move, where resting it on a table or my lap wasn’t possible.

And what can Robert and Michal tell us about their experience with the BlackBerry App World™ storefront? “BlackBerry App World has given us great advantages and has made it much easier to get through to users. The opportunity for growth has been a major advantage with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and we don’t think we would have the same success with other platforms.”

Of course, we couldn’t let Robert and Michal leave without asking them about their plans beyond the current free version of Doodle Blast. They said the team has plans to monetize their app with an exciting new paid version of the game that, for those Doodle Blast addicts among you, looks to be more elaborate than the first free version.

More Doodle Blast = I’m too excited to sleep!

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