New Choosing Your Target Device Stats Released!


We’ve just updated the in-market and BlackBerry App World™ storefront device OS breakdown on BlackBerry Developer Zone with latest data from May. You’ll see that the percentage of in-market devices running 6.0 software has jumped a full 8% from March of this year and devices with 5.0 and 6.0 OS continue to dominate the user base, making up 68% of all devices out in the field.

We also saw an increase of users with BlackBerry® smartphones running 6.0 OS downloading free applications in BlackBerry App World – 31% of free app downloads come from a 6.0 smartphone. Also, the majority of free application downloads in App World originate from smartphones running OS 5.0 and 6.0 smartphones, totaling 88%.

Looking at the numbers in terms of paid apps downloaded from App World, 94% of BlackBerry smartphone users have devices with OS 5.0 and 6.0 software. An increasing number of customers with 6.0 devices are now purchasing paid apps as compared to last quarter; with 6.0 devices making up 54% of all paid app downloads.

These stats reflect a growing opportunity for developers to target a customer base with applications that support the latest smartphone OS, 5.0 and especially, 6.0, so if you haven’t yet updated your app for 6.0 support ensure you check out the 6.0 development tools, simulators and development guides.

We’ve also recently released BlackBerry 7 simulators on Developer Zone. Don’t be late to the party – download the new simulators today!

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