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The next generation of Adobe® AIR® on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet has arrived! With the availability of a new Adobe® AIR® 2.7 runtime, developers will have full support for Adobe® Flex and Adobe® ActionScript on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The new Adobe AIR runtime is now available for free to BlackBerry PlayBook tablet owners, who can download it over Wi-Fi® using the “Check for Updates” option on the device.

Adobe AIR 2.7 is designed to let you leverage your work across multiple platforms, devices and form factors. According to Adobe (based on April 2011 Evans research data), over 3 million developers currently use Adobe AIR and Adobe® Flash products. The technology has been enthusiastically adopted by BlackBerry PlayBook tablet developers.

For developers using the latest 4.5 version of Adobe® Flash Builder®, several steps previously required for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet compatibility are no longer needed. Plus, Research In Motion® (RIM®) has updated the plug-in for Adobe Flash Builder and designed it to make it even easier to develop for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Also, Adobe has integrated this plug-in into their Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.1 update, meaning that all Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 developers will now see the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as a targetable device. Developers still need to download the BlackBerry® Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR from BlackBerry Developer Zone, and the new SDK requires developers to have Adobe AIR 2.6 or later.

Doodle Blast

Have you checked out these BlackBerry PlayBook tablet apps developed using Adobe AIR – Doodle Blast, Poynt™ and Blaq? It’s amazing what developers are doing with these tools, this device and its powerhouse OS. Download the new updates today and start working on your own amazing app!

What are you looking forward to doing with Adobe AIR 2.7? Check out our forum threads on Adobe AIR to help with any questions you might have – and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter® at @BlackBerryDev.

About Mike Kirkup

Mike Kirkup is the Director for the Developer Relations program at Research In Motion (RIM), which is responsible for managing the technical relationships and programs for RIM’s developer community worldwide. Mike and his team work with RIM’s developer community to provide support and guidance as developers work to integrate their applications to the BlackBerry platform. Mike joined RIM in 2001 as a Security Software Developer in RIM’s Wireless Security Group. As part of the Wireless Securty group, Mike contributed to the development of the BlackBerry Cryptography API, S/MIME and PGP implementations. Mike holds a Masters of Management Science and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.

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