ScoreMobile and the BBM Social Platform (VIDEO)

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With the BBM social platform development tools now in open beta, we are beginning to see developers create Super App experiences on BlackBerry® smartphones in new and exciting ways. One of the best use cases I’ve seen so far is in an upcoming version of the ScoreMobile for BlackBerry application, showcased by Five Mobile last week at BlackBerry World™ 2011. In the video above, Jeff from Five Mobile shows me how they’re leveraging the BBM social platform to make sports fandom a more social experience via status updates and BBM chat. Not only does this provide an enhanced user experience (half of the fun of sports is talking about them with friends, right?) but it means that developers can make their apps that much stickier using the BBM social platform.

If you’re interested in seeing other applications leveraging the BBM social platform, make sure to also check out our foursquare and BBM video demo.

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