foursquare and BBM: A Super App Meets the Social Platform (VIDEO)

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One of the highlights for me this week at BlackBerry® World™ 2011 was having the opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work from developers starting to leverage the BBM social platform. Social networking application foursquare is one such example, and was demoed during the Tuesday General Session keynote by Senior Director of Developer Relations (and fellow Inside BlackBerry blogger) Mike Kirkup.

The above video is really three videos in one! First, I speak with Mike about the overall opportunity available to developers that integrate BBM social platform APIs into their application. Then, foursquare developers Pete and Jeff provide a great demonstration of foursquare for BlackBerry integrated with BBM. I then pass the mic to Mike for a brief sit down with Pete about developing for BlackBerry and how the coming BBM social platform integration enhances the foursquare super app experience.

Post a comment and let us know what you think of the integration of BBM with foursquare, and what other applications should leverage the BBM social platform.

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