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BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

We are thrilled to announce that registration for BlackBerry® DevCon Americas is open! BlackBerry DevCon Americas – taking place October 18-20, 2011 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis in San Francisco, California – reflects our commitment to make this an incredible event for developers from across North America and Latin America. In fact, we have re-opened the BlackBerry DevCon Americas Call For Papers for developers in Latin America until May 30th; we are looking to have sessions presented in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Early Bird registration for BlackBerry DevCon Americas is only $699 USD, or $599 USD for our qualifying 2010 event alumni. This is our best registration offer ever (35% less than last year!) and represents incredible value to attendees. Also, this deal can be combined this with a special early-bird 4th-night-free offer for even more savings. Please hurry as these early bird offers end June 24th – register now! We also have special registration pricing for students ($199 USD) and faculty ($399 USD). All prices are subject to applicable taxes; please see the applicable terms and conditions.

We are also excited to announce the first ever BlackBerry DevCon Europe as well as the second edition of BlackBerry DevCon Asia, which builds on the success of its debut event earlier this year! We are opening the Call For Papers for BlackBerry DevCon Europe and BlackBerry DevCon Asia from May 2nd to June 24th. We are expecting great submissions for both events – make sure you stay tuned here for more information on dates and locations!

These events offer the best opportunity for BlackBerry platform developers – learn more about all three events at the official BlackBerry DevCon website.

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  • Basti

     I’m still asking myself why these tickets are so expensive. Most other (mobile) vendors have free developer events – because they want to create a living ecosystem around their OSs. And it seems to me that it worked – at least for Google.So how many people (independend developers like me) are going to pay hundreds of dollars to join an event of an ever-declining platform?

    • Mike Kirkup


      Appreciate the comments.  RIM is very interested in continuing to foster a vibrant and successful developer ecosystem around the BlackBerry platform with the DevCon events forming a big part of our time and energy.  It is very reasonably priced this year at $699 for a three day event especially compared to our competitors (Google I/O $450 for a two day event and WWDC $1595 for a five day event).  DevCon provides a unique opportunity to engage with RIM experts, experts within the broader community and to walk away with hundreds of hours of new content and knowledge.

      That said, we have many free events worldwide that we host under the banner of BlackBerry Developer Days ( or Meet the PlayBook ( and where our developer community can learn about the basics of our platform and how to get started.  

  • Allen George

    Is there a place where we can see presentations from previous DevCons (just like Google IO)? The DevCon 2011 page says that content from 2010 is accessible in the BB Developer Zone, but for the life of me I can’t find it! It would be nice if there were an easy-to-access link with videos and presentations for each conference year…

    • Mike Kirkup

       Yes, definitely.  If you log into DevZone today you will see a link to DevCon 2010 from “My DevZone”.  The easiest way to find it is to go to and login to DevZone.  From that page right in the middle should be a link to the DevCon 2010 conference materials (the nice big logo).  

      Let me know if you still have trouble finding it.  We are looking at alternate ways to share this material with you and appreciate the feedback.

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  • Mike Kirkup

    Thanks Allen.

    We are looking at what is the best way to share the content after our upcoming series of conferences this year.  YouTube isn’t an option due to the 10 minute content limit but if you have other suggestions we are happy to hear them. 

  • Viira Dev

    I am about to register, and am very excited for the event (I have been to every one since the first DevCon). Kudos to you guys for making it even more affordable to attend! $699/$599 is an *exceptionally* good rate for a 3-day conference right downtown San Francisco.

    Are you thinking of adding a 4th developer day at the end like you did on the last one?

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