BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR Development

Adobe® AIR® technology represents a huge opportunity for mobile app developers – the promise for easing the mobile development process and the ability to share code across multiple platforms have become reality. Such capabilities including compiling for the BlackBerry Tablet® OS SDK, Android, and iOS from one source file were demonstrated by Chris Black in his keynote at Geeky By Nature in NYC earlier this month.

With that said, we are pleased to announce the final version of our BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe® AIR®. Included are special APIs for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, plug-ins for Adobe® Flash® Builder (version 4.0.1 or the 4.5 Burrito Preview Release), a BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet simulator, and a Getting Started Guide. For details, please visit the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR website.

And the fun is just beginning – Adobe AIR SDK will have even more robust mobile support in the final version of Flash Builder 4.5, to be launched with Creative Suite 5.5 in May. Also, future enhancements to Adobe AIR will be brought to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet by including new Adobe AIR runtimes in the device updates.

Adobe makes the AIR technology available through other tools as well, including the open source Flex Hero SDK, giving developers a wide choice of development environments.

More information about the wide range of application development opportunities made possible by Adobe AIR technology supported by RIM’s BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR can be found at the Adobe Flash Platform Blog.

Looking forward to seeing some creative Adobe AIR apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet!

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  • guest

    cannot log in to developer zone – hence cannot download newest kit 😦

  • Andrea Giorgetta

    is a sdk to develop Air applications for smartphone (not tablet) going to be released?

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