Maintenance Release for the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse v1.3

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I am pleased to announce a maintenance release for the BlackBerry® Java® Plug-in for Eclipse® v1.3. This maintenance release addresses customer feedback on the new plug-in by improving simulator support for multi-core 64-bit Windows® 7 workstations.

In case you missed the post about the release of the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse v1.3, this version of the plug-in provides support for the latest Eclipse version 3.6 (Helios). It’s designed to help with debugging performance and marks the start of a new way to distribute plug-ins by simplifying access and installation of SDKs. As stated in the post above, we will no longer provide an update site for the Java Plug-in for Eclipse 1.3 and BlackBerry® WebWorks™ on Eclipse, but we will keep update sites available for component pack downloads.

New features of the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse v1.3 include:

  1. Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) support with a new BlackBerry Java Development Eclipse perspective
  2. New Application Wizards to get new BlackBerry® smartphone applications up and running quicker
  3. A dynamic “Getting Started Welcome Page” to provide relevant and updated information of key development resources
  4. Update Notification to let you know when new versions are available for download
  5. Improved debugger performance for faster breakpoints and evaluation
  6. MacOS X Java Plug-in for Eclipse feature parity

We encourage you to replace the current BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse v1.3.0 with this maintenance release, especially if you are using Windows 7. Download the latest plug-in from the Developer Zone today.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

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John “JT” Thomas is passionate about developer tools. Really! The best part about his job is seeing the cool things developers are doing with the tools. Help him make you more productive on the BlackBerry® smartphone platform through this blog and in return JT will fill you in on what Research In Motion® (RIM) is doing to make your development experience with BlackBerry better.

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