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Great news everyone! We recently said that we would take quick action on some of the community’s most pressing issues and I’m very pleased to provide the following updates. This is just a start, but I’m thrilled with what we’ve been able to pull together.

1. BlackBerry® platform developers are no longer required to submit a notarized proof of identity to distribute apps through BlackBerry App World™. As I mentioned in my previous post, we learned that this has become a pain point for some developers, so we have been working behind the scenes to remove this barrier. You still have to submit proof of identity, but now that can be as simple as faxing or emailing a copy of your driver’s license.

Our developers can still choose to submit notarized proof of identity if they don’t wish to use their driver’s license as ID. Please note that businesses will still need to send in official documentation to validate their company information (ex. Articles of Incorporation, Business License, etc.).

We are happy to be offering this new option for developers, but would also like to confirm that this is an interim measure on our way to a more robust long-term solution. We are working towards providing a fully automated online process that respects the privacy and security requirements of all parties involved and will provide more updates as we progress.

2. As promised, we have posted some updated information in our blog to help new developers get started with building applications for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™. We’ve also included information on some of the enhancements we are working on for the next release based on feedback from the community and from our own internal groups. Please take a look at Tim’s recent post on BlackBerry WebWorks for BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK improvements for some great tips on getting started with BlackBerry PlayBook development and for some updates on fixes and features we’re working on as we speak!

3. I’m very happy to share that we have decided to extend our free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet offer deadline to March 31st to ensure that all developers, including those who have been pending approval due to the requirement for a Notary, have an opportunity to participate and to get great apps submitted using either the Adobe® AIR® SDK or the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK for BlackBerry PlayBook. We’re already testing and approving apps so please keep them coming to ensure you’re ready for launch!

Stay tuned for more posts with further updates and news. Lots of great stuff in the works!

Tyler Lessard, VP Developer Relations and Alliances

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