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We are pleased to highlight an updated release of the BlackBerry® Java® Plug-in for Eclipse®, which offers support for the latest version of Eclipse® 3.6 (Helios). This new version offers many new features for Java® developers and is designed to help with debugging performance. Another important aspect of this launch is that it marks the start of a new way of plug-in distribution. We wanted to simplify accessing and installing SDKs and help new developers get started as quickly and smoothly as possible.

This means we will no longer provide an update site for the Java Plug-in for Eclipse 1.3 release and BlackBerry® WebWorks™ on Eclipse. However, we will keep update sites available for component pack downloads. Recently, we’ve been noticing a shift by developers from using one pre-installed Eclipse instance with multiple plug-ins to using several targeted Eclipse installations. This shift helps resolve incompatibilities between plug-ins and Eclipse or JDT versions, which means that there are better plug-in loads, increased stability, and fewer corrupted workspaces.

We also think this new direction for plug-in distribution will decrease partial installs due to Internet connectivity issues in many regions, which we know our developer community – and new developers in particular – have found frustrating.

We recognize that advanced Eclipse users may want to manage their environment on their own for multiple plug-ins. With this in mind, we will continue to explore other options for advanced users. In the meantime, send us your feedback by commenting below, or on our support forums where we’ve started a thread on this topic. Thanks for your feedback – we’re listening!

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  • Wayne Uroda

    Where I work there are a few developers who all use an identical build environment for blackberry, for this reason I greatly prefer offline installers as waiting for the eclipse update site files to download really slows down how I set up my developers. Can you please offer offline installers for the component packs in addition to the eclipse+plugin installer, so that I do not need to use the eclipse update site at all? For some reason downloading files from RIM servers is both slow and prone to failure so having to retry the eclipse updates many times is extremely frustrating.


  • Simon Hain

    strange how the removal of a feature can be displayed as an improvement

  • Simon Hain

    strange how the removal of a feature can be displayed as an improvement

  • Derek Konigsberg

    So when will an updated version of the v1.3 plugin actually be available? I’m still stuck on the v1.1 plugin until you fix some of those bugs that were introduced in v1.3.

  • Jason Schroeder

    Very disappointing. I really enjoyed keeping my IDE up-to-date with one menu click, now I need to fetch 300+MB “installers” for OS X and maintain several versions.

  • Derek Konigsberg

    I know where the download link is. That wasn’t what I was asking. The link still points at the original v1.3 release (BlackBerry_JDE_PluginFull_1.3.0.201101051005-15.exe), which has several showstopper bugs that keep me from using it.

    I was asking when you’ll be coming out with an update to the v1.3 release, that actually fixes these bugs.

  • Richard Le Mesurier

    So far in my BlackBerry dev experience, I have been left uninspired. The dev tools so far provided are really sub-par. RIM needs to learn from the other smartphone providers that if they can not support their developers, they will not survive much longer. Take a leaf out of the iPhone sdk for what a good emulator is, and the Android sdk for a good plugin. … and please, I agree with Simon Hain – how can RIM put a “positive” spin on this – it is a step backwards. Overall disappointed…

  • ekke

    after so much great decisions (free the signing keys etc…) this is really a drawback and causes much more work for developers using eclipse all day

    cutting a feature (providing update sites for plugin and components) is not an improvement

    why not explaining for new users that its the easiest way to start with the full installer and that the plugin from updatesite should only be used from experienced eclipse users knowing about dependencies incompatibilities etc


  • Donaldpturner

    I don’t know how RIM can even call this a “plugin”, you cannot plug it into anything! It’s only available with their version of Eclipse. Sort it out RIM and stop treating your app developers like muppets.

  • User

    Can’t wait to drop RIM platform for our applications and just support Android and iPhone. Just a few more months of pain with this crap and then…. joyous coding.

  • Jacques Koorts

    Crap plugin does not support preprocessing of this kind.

    //#ifdef BlackBerrySDK6.0.0
    public abstract class RibbonChild extends VerticalFieldManager implements ActionListener, MenuAction, CallbackListener, ResponseListener, RibbonStripAction, ToolbarAction {
    public abstract class RibbonChild extends VerticalFieldManager implements ActionListener, MenuAction, CallbackListener, ResponseListener, RibbonStripAction {

    Now my whole eclipse project is riddled with red lines.

  • Jackie_bilderback

    Believe it or not, some developers work on more than just RIM. Having to switch Eclipse installs everytime I want to work on my other projects really reduces my productivity. Now while I wait for the incredibly slow RIM simulators to start, I can’t work on any of my other projects. Thanks alot.

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