BlackBerry Developer Survey: We want your feedback!


If you’re a registered BlackBerry® Developer Zone member, you may have recently received an invitation to participate in our developer survey. I am following up that email to encourage your participation, as this survey is a direct way to tell us what you need to be more successful with your BlackBerry platform development. Your answers will help guide our product planning and feature development!

With this survey, we are most interested in understanding which BlackBerry development tools you are using regularly, and on which host platforms (Windows®, Linux®, MacOS X). We are also interested in your language choices for application development both on and off the BlackBerry OS, and in which development phases you are spending your time. Most importantly, we really want to understand how we can improve your time to market, and we’ll use your answers to the types of questions you see above as a metric of our success.

This survey will become a regular occurrence – at least twice a year. We use this data to better understand your usage of developer tools and the areas that are challenging your success. There is a combination of multiple choice and open-ended questions, so you will have the ability to give us direct feedback for your personal needs.

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes but could end up saving you hours with improved development tools and solutions from Research In Motion this year. Not to mention your feedback is incredibly valuable to us in terms of letting us know what you like, dislike, what you’d like to see more of, and so on!

Take a moment and tell us what you think!

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  • Leroy

    To be honest, the survey was too long. After filling out about 10 questions and seeing that I was only a quarter of the way through it, I gave up. In particular the question which asked me to distribute 100 points amongst 5 options was poorly laid out.

  • Leroy

    To be honest, the survey was too long. After filling out about 10 questions and seeing that I was only a quarter of the way through it, I gave up. In particular the question which asked me to distribute 100 points amongst 5 options was poorly laid out.

  • Rcmaniac25

    I have to agree with Leory. The survey is very long. I was able to complete it but it took probably 30-45 min to complete. Especially when you get the classic “wall of satisfaction” (large table of satisfaction selections).

    • JT@RIM

      Thanks for the feedback everyone. Certainly our goal was to keep this to 10-15 minutes. I will consider how we can better achieve that in the next survey. Nevertheless, your participation on this survey will have an impact on our upcoming product plans/releases so I appreciate your effort and patience.

  • Mobile Developer

    IMHO this survey asks too much about company internals, business model and plans which often must not be told to externals. It should be strictly about development, API, tools (and the painful lack of them under Linux ;P), programming languages, etc…

  • Rajesh Akkineni

    Me too. It is too big. I gave up at 75%…

  • Allen George

    I’ll add my voice to the above posters. It definitely took longer than 15 minutes, and I almost gave up after 30 minutes. I’d imagine that most people just gave up.

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  • Sudhirunilite

    Hi this is Sudhir from india, last week I updated my BlackBerry 9700 from OS 5 to OS 6 from BlackBerry desktop manger every think when will but there is a problem in playing videos. The videos are in 3gp and Mp4 format but it say’s unsupported format. Before updating the videos where playing well but not now. Kindly help me out.



  • Jakub Nietrzeba

    Linux compilers and debuggers for smartfone applications, this is what I missing the most.

  • IrunUbuntu

    Blackberry does a fair job sticking to standards and keeping things open and straightforward. What I am really missing is the minimal effort on your side to support Linux and GPL. You don’t have a Linux Eclipse IDE packaged download, even though it is entirely possible and some devs already have it running on Linux. Also your App Store dev agreement excludes GPL software as it requires warranty for the apps.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the feedback. In terms of Linux support (or even multiple OS support in general), we have started providing broader support across a variety of operating systems with our PlayBook tooling. With our AIR plugin we support development on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux today. With our WebWorks platform we currently support Windows and Mac OS X and are evaluating support for Linux. Feedback from the community on the importance of this kind of support helps us understand where to spend our time and effort.

  • donturner

    I agree with the previous posters about the survey length. I don’t know how RIM expects to get quality data out of a survey like that when most normal people would have been bored to tears about 15 minutes in. It seems like RIM is doing everything possible at the moment to make it difficult for BlackBerry App developers, even to give fieedback is like pulling teeth!

  • Pfq Fpv

    The newest Blackberry tablet is/was a waste of time and money.

    All we want is a better typing experience which means integrating a better spell check sw app, improving the keyboard experience to atleast catchup to the iphone keyboard experience, setup keyboard sensitivity settings that don’t require a phd to figure out or just invent something that will atleast help me increase my rate of date input(typing).

    Also, give your loyal blackberry customers a better selection of devices containing next generation not the last generation processors, memory and other useful communications chips.

    How about better GPS integrations so we never get lost.

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