BlackBerry WebWorks for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Webcast Series


With a great deal of anticipation and excitement, the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK for BlackBerry® Tablet OS was recently announced at BlackBerry® DEVCON Asia. The BlackBerry WebWorks SDK provides developers with an additional mechanism for writing applications for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, in addition to a framework that enables rapid application development and easier portability between the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet platforms.

Developers are invited to attend a four-part webcast series about the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, hosted by Application Development Consultants Adam Stanley and Prosanta Bhattacherjee.

During this series, Adam and Pro will demonstrate how to setup the necessary tools to start your own development, and then dive deeper into the various features, methods and capabilities of the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS. Developers will be empowered with the knowledge and guidance necessary to either begin writing their first BlackBerry PlayBook tablet application, or take their existing content to the next level.

The schedule and agenda for this webcast series is:

Feb. 1, 2011: Getting Started (2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST)

  • Overview of the BlackBerry WebWorks Platform
  • Setting up your Development Environment
  • Building, deploying and testing a “Hello World” application with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet simulator

Feb. 3, 2011: My First App (2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST)

  • Building functional and visually appealing applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Migrating content between the BlackBerry platform, Desktop and 3rd party platforms
  • Using the development tools effectively

Feb 8. 2011: BlackBerry PlayBook Integration (2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST)

  • Building “Super Apps” for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Hardware, data and services integration methods
  • How to implement “must have” application features

Feb. 10, 2011: User Interface Guidelines and Best Practices (2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST)

  • UI components, characteristics and design for touch screen interfaces
  • Best practices for maximizing performance and battery life considerations
  • Managing bandwidth and error handling effectively

A dedicated portion of time for questions and answers will be set at the end of all webcast sessions. Attendees are encouraged to come prepared with their questions about the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS.

Register today for the webcast series. Looking forward to seeing you online!

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  • staktrace

    The title of this post has a ridiculous uppercase-to-lowercase letter ratio. It’s as close as you can get to shouting without going capslock on readers. You guys should try to make your titles more reader-friendly.

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  • frustrated

    watched the first – not bad. The second? never able to – site doesn’t start the video? Also, the first session was to be posted by now to re watch but nothing. RIM – anybody out there?

  • frustrated

    what happened to the Feb 3 2011 event?

  • TW

    where can i go to see the archive of the first two webcasts?

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  • Dhar_ar

    Hey, … the dev blog is huge. Where are the answers to the end of the Webinar sessions for the Playbook?

  • Indrakusumax

    Hi… i am builing a Blackberry WebWorks (widget) that is used as a application connect to a remote website. How can i connect the application made from webworks to retrieve and send data to my website?
    Is there any link to resolve my problem and the sample code it self?
    please help me. i’m so desperate…
    please mail me at

  • Heiko

    Download links please ..
    Had problems pausing and continuing webcasts online – prefer download then I can watch.

    Please …. 🙂

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