Introducing the BlackBerry Payment Service and BlackBerry Payment Service SDK


Hey BlackBerry® developers – Alex here, guest blogging from Inside BlackBerry. I’ve got some exciting news on new ways to monetize your applications through BlackBerry® App World™. Today, BlackBerry App World offers you access to consumers in over 100 countries and territories supporting 26 different currencies. To increase the options you have for monetizing your applications, we’re proud to announce the release of the Payment Service SDK Beta, which allows for live in-application purchases via the new BlackBerry® Payment Service.

The BlackBerry Payment Service SDK allows you to easily offer content for sale in your app, while still providing the consumer with the same trusted and consistent purchase experience they have today in BlackBerry App World.

As with any app or theme that you distribute in BlackBerry App World, there are certain restrictions that apply to the types of digital goods that you can sell within your applications. For example, the following are types of digital goods that are okay to distribute:

  • Digital Content – Digital content can include items such as eBooks, magazines, photos, artwork, or digital property that you can use on a BlackBerry® device.
  • Additional Functionality – Additional functionality can include new features, levels, characters, or games. These digital goods can be distributed with the application and unlocked for a BlackBerry device user after a purchase. Additional functionality must always exist in the application code when you submit your application. Digital goods cannot add to or modify existing application code in any way.
  • Services – Services can include any kind of digital service that a BlackBerry device user must pay to use. For example, your application could offer video streaming or voice transcription.

On the other hand, here are some examples of what you can’t sell:

  • Virtual currencies or in-app credits – The BlackBerry Payment Service does not permit the sale of digital currencies or in-app credits that can be used to purchase digital goods. Using an intermediary currency to sell digital goods can cause confusion as to what exactly is being purchased.
  • Physical goods or services – All in-app purchases must be content that is usable on the BlackBerry device. You can’t use the BlackBerry Payment Service to sell physical goods or services.
  • Digital goods used across multiple applications – You can’t sell digital goods that can be used with other applications. For example, you can’t sell a car in one game that can be used in another game.

* For more information about restrictions on the types of digital goods that you can sell in your applications, see the BlackBerry App World Vendor Guidelines.

Download the BlackBerry Payment Service SDK in Beta today and stay tuned to Inside BlackBerry where we’ll be highlighting apps that take advantage of in-app payments.

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  • Helenlangsa

    Hi, just a thought! You and all the developers will sell more apps if there is an alternative way for us mere mortals to pay when we don’t have and don’t want a Credit Card.. Please help, Would love to buy apps. But want some kind of prepaid service or internet transfer service. I’m from South Africa and have a BB bold 9700

  • NeilM

    Are there any future plans for this payment service to address the sale of “Physical Goods and Services”. If not, would you be able to recommend an API for this. Thanks.

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  • Anonymous

    What’s the point of restricting purchases of goods that can be used across multiple applications? Would think you would want to allow that, as it allows developers to create mini ecosystems of popular applications, which can only be beneficial to RIM in the long run. Is this simply a version 1.0 limitation?

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  • Michael Mathy

    You can use PayPal. Create a PayPal account and transfert money on it and you will be able to pay anything without a Credit Card.

  • Alex Kinsella

    Hi Helenlangsa – as Michael pointed out – we do offer PayPal as a great payment option too!

  • outsider view

    With all due respect, I guess most people here did not live outside the North America much and attempted to open account out there with Paypal.

    Its almost impossible to get a paypal account created outside NA and Europe.

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