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Java Development

I am pleased to announce the latest release of the BlackBerry® Java® Plug-in for Eclipse™, version 1.3. This release contains many enhancements and new features focused on making Java development more productive on the BlackBerry® platform.

Some of the details in particular:

  1. Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) support with a new BlackBerry Java Development Eclipse Perspective
  2. New Application Wizards to get new BlackBerry smartphone applications up and running quicker
  3. A dynamic Getting Started Welcome Page to provide relevant and updated information of key development resources
  4. Update Notification to let you know when new versions are available for download
  5. Improved debugger performance for faster breakpoints and evaluation
  6. MacOS® X Java Plug-in for Eclipse feature parity

This release unifies the feature set between the Mac OS X and Windows® versions of the plug-in, with one exception – the Mac OS X does not include a simulator yet. In the meantime, to allow device debugging for a wider range of devices, we are also releasing debug files for in-market 6.0 devices. Additionally, we are delivering instructions on how you can find debug files for pre 6.0 devices for your debugging needs.

Check out this link on our Developer Zone for more information on using and creating debug files!

About John T.

John “JT” Thomas is passionate about developer tools. Really! The best part about his job is seeing the cool things developers are doing with the tools. Help him make you more productive on the BlackBerry® smartphone platform through this blog and in return JT will fill you in on what Research In Motion® (RIM) is doing to make your development experience with BlackBerry better.

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