Important updates on the BlackBerry Application Platform’s current and future offerings


Last week, we saw the BlackBerry® Application Platform take a major step forward. We’ve posted several key announcements made at BlackBerry DEVCON Asia, and we’re already receiving tremendous feedback from the developer community. To recap:

BlackBerry® Tablet OS announcements

BlackBerry smartphone platform announcements

  • Developers can now fully test in-app payments with the BlackBerry Payment Service, with the release of the BlackBerry App World™ v2.1 client now available for beta testing.
  • With the release of an updated BlackBerry® Push Service SDK, it has never been easier to develop push applications for the BlackBerry platform.

With these announcements we’d like to open the door further, talk about where we are today – and what’s to come.

The BlackBerry Tablet OS will support Adobe AIR and BlackBerry WebWorks apps when the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet launches. Stay tuned for updates regarding support for Java® and Native C/C++ apps.

Last week at DEVCON Asia, we provided updates on several enhancements to the BlackBerry smartphone platform. We previewed what’s coming soon with the BlackBerry® 6.1 platform, including OpenGL®-ES2.0, Support for Digital Compass (enabling augmented reality), new location and user interface APIs. We also provided an update on the highly anticipated BBM™ Social Platform, confirming BETA SDK availability in Q1 of this year.

We couldn’t be more excited about our direction!

Today’s BlackBerry WebWorks offering is a sign of what’s to come with the BlackBerry platform. We are fully embracing modern Internet technologies including HTML5, JavaScript®, Adobe® Flash® and AIR, Java and OpenGL as platforms for content services and powerful applications. With the Adobe AIR and BlackBerry WebWorks platforms, we are immediately opening up the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to millions of web, Flash and mobile app developers who can also leverage our application distribution channels and BlackBerry Payment Service. With Java, Native C/C++ and OpenGL coming to BlackBerry Tablet OS in the future, we have an exciting vision for a mobile platform that offers the broadest choice and greatest flexibility to developers.

We hope you join in our enthusiasm and excitement for the future of mobile computing. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and we’ll provide further updates on both our smartphone and Tablet OS platforms soon!

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  • Haywood

    It would be awfully nice to see a browser on the simulator, so we can test our HTML app.

  • Alex Clark

    Why the silence about using the Java2ME framework on the Playbook? For all the people who have invested a considerable amount of effort to produce software for BlackBerry smartphones, what will happen to our work? Will we be given the choice of rewriting it in a completely new framework with zero code overlap, or ignoring the new platform entirely? Please make an announcement about this as soon as possible, or we will have no choice but to assume the worst.

  • Ronf57

    what are the urls for the comparison tests that are used in the Blackberyy to Ipad test video?

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  • John Hu

    Looking forward to the native C/C++ SDK!

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  • Ted Rex

    I think PlayBook is still a work in progress. They are figuring out which road to take with java: Android BB OS or may be even full blown Java SE, why not? May be even the combination of those. Important thing is to make the right choice, which is not easy given high pressure from current market conditions and limited time. But better be late and make right long standing decision than rush it and lose it in long run. I personally want it to be running Android. BB OS have served it’s purpose and served it well while its’ time lasted.

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