Choosing a Target Device OS – now updated!


We’re often asked for advice on how to choose a minimum version of BlackBerry® Device Software to target for BlackBerry® smartphone applications. There’s no one right answer, as there are many important considerations that will be unique and based on a solid understanding of your application, your end users, and other requirements.

However, we can help with a few common variables: supported smartphones and key features, and information about BlackBerry subscribers and downloads from BlackBerry App World™. It’s simple – you want to build the best possible app (a Super App!) and get the most bang for your development buck!

In August, we added a new page to the ‘Getting Started’ area on the BlackBerry® Developer Zone, and it has just been updated with information from November. Did you know that you can now reach 93% of BlackBerry smartphones by targeting BlackBerry® Device Software v4.5 and higher? This is up 10% from August. Also, you can reach almost half of BlackBerry smartphones by targeting BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and 6.

For more OS and BlackBerry App World information, check out Choosing a Target Device OS.

I wish you happy building and happy selling – and happy holidays too!

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  • Amutzmercier

    When will we see the break out of OS 6.0 in there?

  • Fabrian Ivan P

    When BB 9700 used OS 6? I hear from the Internet it can used OS 6.

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