Choosing a Target Device OS – now updated!


We’re often asked for advice on how to choose a minimum version of BlackBerry® Device Software to target for BlackBerry® smartphone applications. There’s no one right answer, as there are many important considerations that will be unique and based on a solid understanding of your application, your end users, and other requirements.

However, we can help with a few common variables: supported smartphones and key features, and information about BlackBerry subscribers and downloads from BlackBerry App World™. It’s simple – you want to build the best possible app (a Super App!) and get the most bang for your development buck!

In August, we added a new page to the ‘Getting Started’ area on the BlackBerry® Developer Zone, and it has just been updated with information from November. Did you know that you can now reach 93% of BlackBerry smartphones by targeting BlackBerry® Device Software v4.5 and higher? This is up 10% from August. Also, you can reach almost half of BlackBerry smartphones by targeting BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and 6.

For more OS and BlackBerry App World information, check out Choosing a Target Device OS.

I wish you happy building and happy selling – and happy holidays too!

About Ian M.

As Manager for Developer Programs at Research In Motion (RIM), Ian and his team are responsible for the design and delivery of programs and services for BlackBerry developers – including support tools and resources, recognition, advocacy, go-to-market, and regional programs. Ian is passionate about making sure that BlackBerry developers have everything they need in order to be successful from the inception of an idea to app deployment or commercialization. Prior to joining Developer Relations, Ian was a Product Manager for various BlackBerry solutions including the BlackBerry Java Development Environment, BlackBerry Maps, and BlackBerry Mobile Voice System.

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  • Amutzmercier

    When will we see the break out of OS 6.0 in there?

  • Fabrian Ivan P

    When BB 9700 used OS 6? I hear from the Internet it can used OS 6.

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