BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR – Beta 2 Release!

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It’s been about a month since we had our first release of the BlackBerry® Tablet OS SDK for Adobe® AIR, and we’re back with more for you to play with! There’s a few exciting things I wanted to talk to you about with this release, so once we are done here, make sure you get version 0.9.1 of the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK beta!

  • BlackBerry OS UI Component bug fixes: Some tweaks were made to the API to make it better for you, and some beta bugs were fixed as well.
  • Windows 64-bit support: The installers now work in Windows 64-bit.
  • Linux support: Simulator and BlackBerry OS SDK for Adobe AIR now supported on Linux. Let’s hear some feedback from the community on this one.
  • Flash Builder 4.5 (Burrito / Flex Mobile ‘Hero’) Support: The plug-in installers will work with either Flash Builder 4.0 or the pre-release version of Flash Builder Burrito from Adobe’s website.

I did want to take just a few more moments to talk about why support for Flash Builder 4.5 is important. Flash Builder 4.5 introduces Adobe’s Flex Mobile or ‘Hero’, which is significant as it provides Flex components that have been optimized for mobile. Once the Tablet OS plug-in is installed, you can create a Flex Mobile project that targets the BlackBerry Tablet OS platform. Then drag and drop to your heart’s content! (It is important to note that this is a pre-release from Adobe, and we’ll be working with them to make sure it’s fully supported in their final product.)

So now that you’re all excited, head over to to get your very own copy of the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK v0.9.1 for Adobe AIR and the getting-started guide.

About Mike Kirkup

Mike Kirkup is the Director for the Developer Relations program at Research In Motion (RIM), which is responsible for managing the technical relationships and programs for RIM’s developer community worldwide. Mike and his team work with RIM’s developer community to provide support and guidance as developers work to integrate their applications to the BlackBerry platform. Mike joined RIM in 2001 as a Security Software Developer in RIM’s Wireless Security Group. As part of the Wireless Securty group, Mike contributed to the development of the BlackBerry Cryptography API, S/MIME and PGP implementations. Mike holds a Masters of Management Science and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.

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