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You’ve asked for it, now we’re delivering it! Over the past couple of months, the BlackBerry® developer community has taken a strong interest in some of the sample code that we’ve published, and with the demand coming in, we decided to build some fully functional Web Apps for you guys to take apart, dissect, and use however you’d like – including copying and pasting code into your own web applications. The first in a slew of new sample web apps will be released into the Developer Resource Center over the coming weeks!

The two samples that we’ve just posted are an RSS reader and Weather application. Both of these apps are 100% Web Apps built entirely using web technologies (HTML, JS, CSS). That’s right, not a single shred of Java® code in either of these!

The RSS application allows you to set any RSS feed you’d like and pull down the content on the fly. It lets you manage those RSS feeds in an easy-to-use UI, and it stores your feeds for you so they’ll always be ready when you are. This sample app demonstrates the use of tight integration with other apps (BlackBerry® Browser and Messaging applications), GPS, and integration into the BlackBerry Menu as well as how to go out over the network to retrieve and use content effectively.

The Weather application really demonstrates the blending of a fantastic UI with functionality. I have to say that this one really looks great, and is so easy to use! This sample app also shows off the use of a great UI, File I/O, GPS, and solid integration into the BlackBerry Menu.

Post a comment below and let us know what you think of these two samples, or the types of samples you’d like to see in the future.

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  • Eric at Ebscer

    I think that now the most useful examples would be flex/playbook stuff…

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  • Kardin


    I tested Weather app with 9800 Simulator and all I got the blue blank screen. App doesn’t work with OS6?

    • Prokopuik

      Me too and have asked for support and no reply

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