BlackBerry Developer Days in Europe, Africa and Latin America


Riding off the huge success of theBlackBerry DEVCON 2010 Developer Day, we are delighted to announce another series of BlackBerry Developer Days in Europe, Africa and Latin America!

The dates for these meetings are as follows:

Johannesburg, South Africa – 20th October
Panama City – 26th October
Madrid, Spain – 28th October
Sao Paulo, Brazil – 4th November
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 9th November
Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 16th November
Caracas, Venezuela – 17th November
Mexico City, Mexico – 23rd November
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – 30th November

Please see the BlackBerry® Developer Days website for more information on the individual events!

BlackBerry® Developer Days are your opportunity to meet and network with experts. Learn how to create that ‘must have’ app that can be downloaded by over 46 million subscribers from all over the world, or discover how to build compelling applications on the new BlackBerry® 6 platform that can push immediate updates to your customers or employees. These are just some of the benefits of creating applications for BlackBerry® smartphones!

The events will each consist of a general welcome and overview session in the morning, with more advanced deep-dive technical sessions in the afternoon. These sessions include:

  • Success Breeds Success — Learn from a Partner Success Story
  • Technical Sessions:
  • Web Application Platform Bootcamp
  • Create visually stunning apps with new BlackBerry 6 UI Components
  • BlackBerry Locate Service – Geolocation, ETA and Reverse Geo-coding
  • Leveraging application integration with multi-media and universal search
  • Debugging/Optimisation in Eclipse
  • Debugging and Optimisation tricks for faster, more efficient apps
  • Marketing your BlackBerry Application / Mobilising your Enterprise
  • The Future of the BlackBerry Application Platform

(Please note session agenda is subject to change depending on region – any changes will be listed on the individual websites for the events.)

Visit the BlackBerry® Developer Day website for more information on the events happening near you!

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