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There has been a lot of excitement about the BlackBerry PlayBook developer promotion announced by Mike Lazaridis at Adobe MAX this week. Further details about the promotion will be posted on our developer site as soon as possible, but the plan is to provide one free BlackBerry PlayBook to every registered vendor with a BlackBerry App World-approved AIR application that is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook prior to launch. The applications will need to meet the BlackBerry App World Vendor Guidelines and there will of course be some terms and conditions that are principally designed to prevent abuse of the promotion, but the intent is to reward developers who are working on apps in advance of the product launch. We’ll keep you posted. Now get building those apps!

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  • Leon

    Will this promo be available to developers from any country? I’m from Singapore and just wanna be sure before I commit my time to learn the SDK. Thanks!

    • Emu

      What about code signing for AIR apps – do you need to already have an (expensive) code signing certificate? Since RIM is temporarily waiving dev fees does that extend to RIM signing AIR apps for free or at nominal cost?

      • Jwon

        Certs are US $20.

      • Emu

        Is that per app or per developer account? Obviously the lower the publishing costs, the better for small indy dev shops. Except for a few home runs here and there, even high production big budget apps don’t make spectacular lifetime net revs.

      • Cbarton

        One cert per account for any number of apps. I also heard today they are dropping the fee to $9.99.

      • matt

        You can’t afford $20 per app you submit?

  • Rod

    Will the promotion be available for people outside the US? I’m located in Sweden and would really like to get my hands on one of those Playbooks.

  • Fabian Heuwieser

    I would really like to start developing for the PlayBook and already have some cool App ideas but what’s the easiest way to start? Do I need the Adobe SDK? Is there any cost involved?
    Thanks, Fabian

  • Travis

    Does it have to be an AIR application or can it be a native application once the native SDK is out?

  • ekke

    have some great ideas – but would like to develop a Java App instead of an Air App – hope the Java SDK will be soon available

  • Soufiene

    “Applications must be submitted in COD file format generated using RIM’s BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE) and/or RIM’s JDE Plug-in for Eclipse, and be subject to an agreement relating to the use of those development tools (“BlackBerry SDK Agreement”) between RIM and the vendor (or where the vendor is not the original developer of the application, between RIM and the developer);”

    I think all the (AIR) apps are going against this clause of the Blackberry App World Vendor Guidelines

    Also, I would like to know if french developer could be rewarded if they develop something?

  • Micah Burke

    Would be great if they realized that they alienated thousands of designers in the audience by excluding them…

  • Angelo Mario Buoro

    is it interesting for me and my company in germany? or only US?


  • Harry Garland

    Getting the BlackBerry SDK to work is HARD! I spent all day installing VMWare and BlackBerry Playbook Simulator and AIR 2.5 and BlackBerry Tablet SDK. I got to the very last step and failed when trying to run a debug launch. Here’s the error:

    An internal error occurred during: “Launching TestBerry”.

    Any ideas?

    • J3r1ch0

      Hey Harry, might be due to a known issue with Flash Builder, try upgrading to v4.0.1.

  • Davy

    Hi, when is the launch deadline?

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  • Lawrence Job

    Hi there.

    Are the terms and conditions published yet? I can’t seem to find them.

    Would like to know if being located in the UK excludes me from such a promo.

    Have a few wireframes that were going to be used for iPad, but I have a feeling the PlayBook will be better suited.

  • Oscarsalazarescalona

    does anybody know when the playbook is coming out

  • Brotha JJ

    who are excluded from this promotion ?

  • Emu

    RIM, please get on with it and publish the app criteria for this offer. Obviously it is only fair to all parties to have minimum quality and functionality criteria, to prevent a launch that greets consumers with an app store full of junk. It’s also only fair to interested developers to get the criteria sooner rather than later. Many folks likely need to pick up a new language/tool/API, and having the criteria will help focus those learning efforts.

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