The open-source Facebook BlackBerry SDK


Have you ever thought about adding Facebook integration to your existing and/or future BlackBerry® applications? Are you eager to integrate your BlackBerry applications with Facebook, but feel lost and don’t know where exactly to start?

If your answer is yes to either of these questions, I’m very excited to tell you that there is now a community-initiated, community-driven and open-source Java® Facebook SDK which will make your life much easier!

This SDK was initiated and created by an individual BlackBerry application developer in Indonesia, Eki Baskoro. It is now an open-source project under the MIT license, which makes it completely free to use and distribute. Although still in its infancy, some of the leading BlackBerry application developers, such as Motek Mobile, have already been using it to Facebook-enable many of their existing BlackBerry applications with ease.

In summary, this Java SDK serves nicely as a reference implementation of the Facebook OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism, and also the new Facebook Graph API, so that developers don’t need to reinvent the wheel and implement their own set of APIs from scratch. In addition, a sample BlackBerry application is also included right out-of-the-box, which clearly demonstrates how to seamlessly integrate with Facebook using a set of handy built-in Java classes and factories (such as FacebookContext, User, Post, and so on).

For more information about this SDK, please visit the official website of the project. Or if you wish to jump directly into the source code, you can check it out from the Subversion repository, or download the zip bundle. Leave a comment and let us know how it worked out for you!

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  • Averroes

    It would be great to have some best practices(and adding to the current SDK) used by RIM with Blackberry Apps like Twitter and Facebook. It’s hard to do a “Super App” like Facebook for Blackberry and Twitter for Blackberry.
    I think it’s the best move to have more coherent and integrated app in app world (and to lessen the cost of developping a (great) app)

  • Eric at Ebscer

    This looks fun…

  • Hithredin

    RIM developped a Facebook app, why was it impossible to call it in order to post something on the wall? Hopefully some great guys release tools like that instead of RIM.

    Actually trying to use it since yesterday
    Thank you Baskoro

  • copycat@bbgue

    Great project by Eki Baskoro 🙂

    congratulation Eki!
    congratulation David Lim..

  • Shwet Shah

    I tried implementing Facebook SDK but it gives me error stating the lib files are missing.So can u suggest me a solution for it.

    Shweta Shah

  • Tamal Mukherjee

    It appears Facebook has made some changes and this SDK now broke after 11th Jan 2011. Will anyone at rim fix it, please??

  • Dmanpearl

    I have now tried 4 different versions from 0.3.5 through 0.4.2 and eventually the newest 0.5.12 each time hoping the new version might solve my problem. Always the same failure in Strawberry or my own implementation: error_reason user_denied access_denied the user denied your request.

    Though I’ve posted several similar messages on various boards, I have not seen evidence of someone having a similar problem. I can’t be the only one. Please pass on some wisdom…
    – Thanks, David

    • Dmanpearl

      I upgraded BlackBerry OS Version v5.0.0.449 to v5.0.0.884 (Bundle 1476) Via Web:
      This was based on the advice of David Lim, who told me that there is a bug in the BrowserField class prior to BlackBerry OS v5.0.0.862
      After the OS update, Strawberry and my custom app work correctly!

  • VSP

    Is this SDK works for BB 4.5.0 and lower OS versions also?

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