Calling all Commercial Developers – Why attend #DEVCON10?


If you’ve seen BlackBerry® 6 on the newly launched BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone, then you’ve surely noticed the slick new user interface. Be it the new homescreen layout, the pop-up menu, pinch-to-zoom, or universal search, there are lots of new features in BlackBerry 6 and new APIs for most of them. Attend the 2010 BlackBerry® Developer Conference and get the details on the latest and greatest development tactics, straight from Research In Motion® (RIM) product and development experts.

The conference wouldn’t be complete without giving our developers a look into what the future holds for the BlackBerry smartphone platform, and what these new changes and opportunities mean for the mobile space – and for you as a developer. This means that you’ll also be among the first to see some amazing new concepts for social platform development on BlackBerry.

Plus, you’ll get the scoop on the Super Apps concept, and discover how taking advantage of the unique capabilities of the BlackBerry platform can take your application to the next level. Hear real-world stories from developers about their experience designing and writing Super Apps for our platform (COM15: Learn from Our Mistakes – 8 Lessons about Super App Development). Another session to look out for is DEV41: The Essentials of OpenGL ES and OpenVG, where you can get familiar with the OpenGL ES and OpenVG technologies. In this session, you will also receive insight into how to use OpenVG to define a scalable interface within your application and address future screen resolution changes.

Visit the Meet the Experts area to talk with RIM insiders, where you can find out tips and tricks, take away code samples, and learn how to add features to applications – such as integration with native BlackBerry applications and content push – to give them more depth and richness, making them stand out in an increasingly crowded application space. One of the other great things about Meet the Experts is the chance to not only participate in discussions to help shape the future of the BlackBerry smartphone platform, but also to share your own development experience and expertise with other developers and RIM experts.

Yet building your application is only the beginning, and learning about new ways to commercialize your application is just as important. Discover how to best take advantage of BlackBerry App World™, carrier billing, pricing tiers and third-party sites to help successfully bring your app to market. We’ll also talk about how the upcoming in-app payment and advertising services can help make your applications successful on BlackBerry, along with tips for integrating these services into applications to offer users the best experience possible. You’ll also hear from other developers on how they achieved success bringing their applications to BlackBerry smartphone users around the world.

Don’t miss out on the 2010 BlackBerry Developer Conference!

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