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This year’s session catalogue at BlackBerry® DEVCON is full of fantastic web development sessions showcasing the newly overhauled BlackBerry web platform. From the recently released BlackBerry® Widget SDK to the new and exciting BlackBerry® 6 browser running on the WebKit engine, this year’s DEVCON is sure to be the perfect event for anyone looking to build web content for the BlackBerry smartphone!

I was recently asked to pick the top three sessions that I’m most looking forward to, and quite frankly, it’s shaping up to be harder than I had expected. With so many sessions to check out this year – especially for web developers – narrowing it down to only three is really quite a task. Here goes!

DEV10: The New BlackBerry Widget SDK
The BlackBerry Widget SDK is really exploding on the scene with some huge momentum behind it. Between the power of the BlackBerry Widget APIs and the new BlackBerry WebKit rendering engine, web developers are finding it incredibly easy to jump aboard the BlackBerry Widget SDK to create rich, integrated apps for their user base. It’s never been easier to develop for the BlackBerry platform! Coming from a .NET background, I found it incredibly easy to download the BlackBerry Widget SDK and BlackBerry Web Plug-in for Microsoft® Visual Studio and get cracking on developing fantastic apps.

In this session, Adam Stanley (Application Development Consultant) will be going over the BlackBerry APIs and explaining how to leverage the BlackBerry Widget SDK to create applications that can easily be distributed to users through mobile storefronts and other mechanisms.

DEV48: Introduction to the BlackBerry WebKit: The New Power Behind Web and Widget Applications
WebKit has become the industry standard for mobile web browsing, and for good reason. I’m incredibly excited to hear what the community has to say about the new BlackBerry WebKit browser at DEVCON, and I’m definitely pumped for this session to introduce so many web developers to the benefits of leveraging this new engine!

During this session, Tim Neil (Manager of Development Tools) and George Staikos (Senior Director of the BlackBerry® Torch™ Mobile Team) will cover how to leverage the benefits granted by the WebKit engine on the BlackBerry platform. They’ll discuss a lot of the differences between the old browsers and the new ones, and provide a little bit of insight into where the platform is heading.

COM28: Anatomy of a Real-world BlackBerry Widget
We’ve been asked so many times to show people an example of a real-world BlackBerry Widget, since they had never seen one before. To which I always smile and reply that that’s the point of building a Widget – so the end user doesn’t actually know it’s a web application. A BlackBerry Widget can be as complex or as simple as a web application can be; however, to the end user, it’ll look exactly the same as a Java® application, which is why I’m so excited about this session.

I’ve been working with the guys over at Toumetis to develop BlackBerry Widgets, and they’ve come up with some pretty impressive Widgets, to say the least. During the session, Mark Wilnerd and Andrew Terry from Toumetis will discuss the ins and outs of the BlackBerry Widget SDK in relation to their experiences developing a mobile banking solution.

Phew! Given all of the fantastic content being delivered in San Francisco this year, it was really not easy to pick out only three sessions! I’m so excited to be attending the event this year, and it’s sure to be packed with opportunities to meet you all and find out what you’re working on. Let me know in the comments below which sessions you’re most looking forward to!

Hope to see you all there, and please do come over and say hi!

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