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Another year, another developer conference – hard to believe that BlackBerry® DEVCON 2010 is coming up so quickly! Looking over this year’s session catalog, I couldn’t be more excited. The community has really stepped it up this year, and I can’t wait to see some of these sessions. With so much co-presentation between Research In Motion® and members of the development community, attendees should be prepared for some really solid content. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the sessions that I believe consumer app developers should put on their radar:

COM06: Free Versus Paid Business Models: Marketing Applications in BlackBerry App World™
When developing an app, it’s so easy to focus on features and functionality. But if you forget about the business side of things, you’re going to have a hard time making it in mobile. The good folks at Nobex Radio break it down for you and share some of the lessons they’ve learned about how to take both free and paid apps to market. Couple that with the information they’ll be sharing around user trends for both free and paid apps, and this session is a can’t miss for anyone who’s about to roll out an app.

COM21: Mobile Multimedia: Leverage Video Streaming on BlackBerry Smartphones
DEV02: Streaming Encrypted Media on BlackBerry Smartphones
DEV04: Get the Most from Your Multimedia Application

With the outpouring of really solid music and video apps coming out recently, I’m going to list a trio of sessions here, as COM21, DEV02, and DEV04 are all unique, but at the same time quite complimentary. If you’re developing an app and streaming media is key to your success, then these three sessions will save you a lot of time and effort. They’ll teach you the right way to architect your solution from day one. The knowledge that comes from these three sessions literally caps off almost three years of hard work – others have lived the trials and tribulations of having pushed the limits of the platform, and now’s your opportunity to see how it’s done.

DEV15: Introduction to BlackBerry® Theme Studio
DEV30: Advanced Theme Development Techniques

If you’ve browsed through some of the featured content in BlackBerry App World over the past few months, I’m sure that you’ve noticed the ever-growing presence of themes – it’s one of the biggest app categories in the BlackBerry App World storefront! So whether you’re interested in dabbling with themes or you’re looking at creating themes to create a serious stream of revenue, these two sessions have a lot to offer. When it comes to themes, many developers overlook the fact that through their normal app development, they’ve already created all the graphical assets. Creating a simple theme to accompany your app doesn’t take very long, is very easy to do, and allows you to re-use those graphical assets. It also might be a great way of promoting your app and potentially giving you your download numbers a boost – extending your reach through themes is especially pertinent to game vendors, content vendors, and big brands. If you haven’t thought about themes before, maybe it’s time.

Post a comment and let me know which sessions you’re most excited to see. Hope to see you there!

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