The Next-Generation BlackBerry App Platform: A Sneak Peek at what we’ll be unveiling and showcasing at BlackBerry DEVCON 2010

Dev Con

BlackBerry® DEVCON 2010 is just around the corner and we’re getting a lot of questions around what we’re going to unveil at the show. As with previous years, DEVCON 2010 will be a showcase of new technologies and tools for developers, and you can expect a number of exciting announcements on new and future products that are designed to help our developer community be successful and profitable.

This year you, our attendees, will not only be the first to hear our announcements, but we will have dedicated break-out sessions with live demos and deep dives on all of the new announcements, so you can see them firsthand and get your questions answered! We can’t share all the news yet, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the new technologies and services that you can expect to hear about at BlackBerry DEVCON 2010 on September 27th-30th in San Francisco, California:

(1) Taking Social to a Whole New Level: New Social Apps Platform for Developers

Last year we unveiled the BlackBerry Push Service and opened it up to developers around the world. The feedback has been hugely positive, and we now see new apps launching every week that take advantage of BlackBerry Push Service. But then someone asked us: “Why can I only push from a server to an app running on a device? Why can’t I push data immediately from device to device like BlackBerry® Messenger does, so my app can engage two mobile users in a truly real-time social experience”? Hmmmmmm…what a great idea! And what if that were expanded into a broader platform for mobile social apps? Sound interesting? We think so. What a great way to take Super Apps to the next level!

(2) Building Commercial Businesses on BlackBerry: New Commerce Services

BlackBerry App World™ 2.0 was a huge step forward in opening up commercial opportunities for our developer community. We added credit card and carrier billing capabilities along with the ability for customers to purchase apps from the desktop storefront. So what’s next? Well, you’ll find out at DEVCON! And you won’t just hear about what’s new – you’ll get a chance to join detailed break-out sessions with sample code, Q&A and more.

(3) New Enterprise Integration Services for Enterprise App Developers

We’re so excited about this one that we’re going to wait for DEVCON to unveil what it’s really all about. And really, the live demos will do a much better job of showcasing the power of this new platform than anything we can write in text. So let’s just say this: If you think there is still a huge opportunity out there for mobilizing mission-critical enterprise applications and back-end data stores, but feel that it is still too difficult and costly to manage data replication, client-side app development, back-end authentication and so on – well, we’re going to have some exciting things to show you!

(4) Using Web Technologies to Build Apps: (R)evolution of BlackBerry Widgets

The BlackBerry Widget platform enables full-featured apps to be built in web technologies such as HTML and JavaScript. But that was just the beginning! Find out where the BlackBerry Web platform is heading, and how we’re taking the BlackBerry Widget platform to the next level to enable full-featured, highly interactive Super Apps to be built entirely in HTML5. Sound too good to be true? Find out at DEVCON!

And that’s just a start! Come to DEVCON for hands-on experience related to these topics and the other announcements that we have planned. Oh, and did we mention that DEVCON will be your first opportunity to see BlackBerry® OS 6 running on a cross-section of BlackBerry smartphones, including the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 smartphone, BlackBerry® Pearl™ 9100 smartphone and more? Don’t miss out!

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  • Alex

    What about the BlackPad?

  • Helmut J. Zemo

    When will we start seeing these super apps launch, will it be a group release of many apps or will we see these apps trickle one by one. Whats the average development time for one of these things?

  • Helmut J. Zemo

    When can we expect a launch of a super app, what is the app development turnaround like? Will there be any super apps on display at DEVCON

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  • Lydia_hammock

    I hope this new OS will allow a sync with Outlook 2010!

  • Guest

    When do you think we will see OS 6 for the Pearl 9100? I am interested to know when my carrier (Bell Mobility) will have it. In the alternative, when a non-branded OS 6 for the 9100 will be available.

  • Lori

    will the new OS 6 work on the Storm

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