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If you’re not already following us on Twitter® – @BlackBerryDev – I wanted to let you know what you’re missing out on!

The @BlackBerryDev team includes a variety of people from the Developer Relations team at Research In Motion® (RIM). Through @BlackBerryDev, we strive to support developer conversations in the community – answering developer questions and providing handy development tips along the way. Something new you will soon see is us highlighting some remarkable things that BlackBerry® developers are doing with the platform, as well as tools that we think you might be interested in. We’ll also be providing lots of coverage of BlackBerry DEVCON 2010 next week, so you won’t want to miss out!

If you haven’t already, check out our Twitter account and be sure to follow us! You can also follow our extended family accounts @BlackBerry for all BlackBerry news and @BlackBerryHelp for device questions.

About Ian M.

As Manager for Developer Programs at Research In Motion (RIM), Ian and his team are responsible for the design and delivery of programs and services for BlackBerry developers – including support tools and resources, recognition, advocacy, go-to-market, and regional programs. Ian is passionate about making sure that BlackBerry developers have everything they need in order to be successful from the inception of an idea to app deployment or commercialization. Prior to joining Developer Relations, Ian was a Product Manager for various BlackBerry solutions including the BlackBerry Java Development Environment, BlackBerry Maps, and BlackBerry Mobile Voice System.

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