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Mobile devices have always been about connecting people. However, many device experiences still continue to be solo experiences. Sure, I can play poker against a computer program, but wouldn’t it be better if I can play poker against my friends? Sure, I can listen to music on my device, but wouldn’t it be better if I can also see what my friends are listening to and sample or preview the song? Isn’t there something that allows me to connect with my friends?

Enter BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™): a place where more than 28 million BlackBerry smartphone users stay connected and share experiences. And shortly, it will become the backbone of a social platform that redefines how people engage and interact across any application on BlackBerry smartphones.

With the BBM Social Platform, developers will be able to tap into their social interactions in BBM to enable real-time, peer-to-peer interactions across their applications. Specifically, developers can leverage the BBM platform to access BBM contacts, user profiles, and groups to build more engaging applications. Furthermore, the BBM APIs will also enable developers to support embedded chats, content sharing, and real-time data sharing between two users of an application. Another key advantage of the BBM Social Platform is the APIs like ‘invite contacts’ or ‘update BBM status’ improve the overall discoverability and virality of your application. And because it’s a BlackBerry smartphone, users’ privacy will not be compromised, nor will the user lose control over their BlackBerry Messenger experience.

Here are a few examples of how our partners plan to leverage the BBM Social Platform:

  • Kobo will be using it to create a shared shopping and reading experience — with users creating book clubs to read together, share passage and chat as they go.
  • Telmap, the leading European provider of mapping, navigation and local search applications will be using it to physically connect friends with each other, sharing locations, their whereabouts and facilitating meetups.
  • ScoreMobile will be using it to allow friends to chat about live sporting events.
  • Kik will be using it to reinvent how people share, discover and experience new music.
  • Magmic will be using it to create a completely social poker experience, inviting friends to join your table, enhancing in-game chat and creating groups for casual play.

The BBM Social Platform will enable a whole new class of mobile applications that leverage the power of BBM social interactions. Start thinking about what BBM can do for you!

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  • Jimmibasko

    How do I get access to this API?

  • Anonymous

    I think one thing that has always been a huge hurdle with BBM is having to manually enter in BB friends’ BBM ID. No one remember these strings and remains too restrictive. It’s great you guys plan to open up 28M potential users, but if I don’t even know which of my social circle has BBM, this feature won’t work as well as it can.

  • Yowilt1982

    there needs to be a way to know who has a blackberry when theyemail text or call like the pin should show under the number or something. Cause there is alot of people that i know that i talk to on the phone but didnt know they had a blackberry we could have been bbm ing each all along if it was known. and there should be a bbm webpage like facebook or something that you can log into a still bbm blackberries

    • Joyette Scantlebury

      Also, I believe that there should be a way for you to discover new people via BBM Social Platform. Finding people who have the same interests and have BBs would help RIM in the consumer market as it would appeal to teenagers and other social butterflies.

  • Seun Ojo

    is it possible to make an application that will allow users on bbm chat with their colleagues on yahoo messenger or facebook?

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