Super Apps Developer Challenge: Tips and Tricks


It’s now less than one week until the deadline of the Super Apps Developer Challenge, and we’ve seen a number of awesome submissions! It’s been a great experience to personally review some of these submissions, and I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some feedback to the wider community with some key pointers:

  • Leverage push notifications to engage your user by keeping them informed on new events and information
  • Look for ways to complete a task in the least number of steps
  • Have your application do the heavy lifting by running in the background, pulling down critical data to update the user as appropriate
  • Leverage GPS data to understand a user’s current location and deliver relevant data
  • Allow the user to share and recommend your application to friends via PIN, SMS or email

Other examples to further enhance your Super App may include:

Fitness Application: Have your application listen for daily fitness updates, and provide an option for the user to integrate with the email application using the Application Messages API and Application Indicator. Another example may include having your home screen icon display calories remaining, and also integrate with the calendar application to set reminders for training exercises.

Maps & Navigation: Implement string pattern matching and have your application recognize addresses outside your application that the user can select and start navigating immediately.

IM Client: Integrate with the camera application and send pictures using the email application to contacts in your address book.

For those that haven’t yet submitted, don’t forget that there’s still time to win some prizes! Click here for more details on the challenge.

Good luck and keep those Super Apps coming!

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