Super Apps Series: Getting Started


Super Apps. Ever since the concept was introduced earlier this year, you’ve been hearing all about them, and some common questions have been swirling: What are they? How do I make one? Is my app a Super App?

Over the course of the next few months, you’ll be privy to two parallel series of blog posts, detailing everything you need to know about building Super Apps, be it web- or Java®-based. With the third annual BlackBerry® Partners Fund Developer Challenge focusing on Super Apps this year, the timing couldn’t be any better.

To date, you’ve heard a lot about the characteristics of Super Apps; they’re proactive and notification-driven, highly contextualized, social and connected, and designed for efficiency. They should be designed to provide an always-on experience and tight integration with native apps. I’d like to take time to focus on a different area of the Super Apps concept with this series of blog posts. I’m going to focus on the tasks that an application can perform, explaining how to implement those features, and relating them back to the characteristics of Super Apps.

So whether you want to learn about push, are wondering how location awareness can augment your application experience, or are just looking to offload some work to the native apps, you’re definitely in the right place. By the time we’re done with this series of posts, you’ll have learned everything you need to know about making your app a Super App!

And speaking of needing to know – what are some other questions you have about the concept of Super Apps? Post a comment and let us know!

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  • Paul McDonald

    How about show us how we can set a reasonable blackberry notification (sound/vib/led) when we install a custom notification for our App ? Just like all the RIM produced apps do.

  • Eric at Ebscer
  • Eduardo Zarate

    I want to know examples of super-apps and the criteria that were considered to classify it as a super-app. Thanks.

  • Mo_hit4u

    how about integrating with blackberry native search app? where you want ur thing to be listed also.

  • Lawrence

    Question about Push:


    I have been struggling with push for quite some time now. My client receives pushes for a while but after some time it seems to keep unbinding from the push server and doesn't receive any pushes. Then there are other times when it appears to be connected to the push server but still doesn't receive push. I have confirmed that push is arriving on the BlackBerry server.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Rollin Kan

    Here's a thought…if all of the developers start making Super Apps that are notification driven, I think I'm going to have to stay away from Apps overall. The last thing I need is more notification flying at me.

    I mean come on, I've got my native apps that perform my most vital functions along with the official social apps. OS 6 will have an RSS reader so why in the world do I need your App's notifications flying at me as well? Chances are I will see how obtrusive your App is and delete it.

    I have a feeling most developers will not use notifications effectively.

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