Super Apps Developer Webcast June 15th


Last year, I took a close look at the home screen on my BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 smartphone and skimmed through the grid of application icons. I remember pulling all my favorite icons to the home screen for easy access – without realizing that I never actually used the icons to launch the apps. Over time, they got tucked away into folders where I couldn’t see them. But this definitely wasn’t the result of deleting unwanted apps or device-icon spring cleaning! My apps have been part of my daily experience at all times – they know when I want to open a PDF attachment, launch BlackBerry® Maps when I click on an address in my e-mail, or to display my friends’ Facebook® pictures when they call. These apps always feel part of my daily workflow, and they help me stay productive by integrating with core tasks like e-mail, phone, calendar and browsing.

We are BlackBerry® platform developers, but we are also BlackBerry smartphone users – and we know that apps that are tightly integrated with core device functionality can be easily developed on the BlackBerry platform.

So whether you’re hard at work on your next Super App Developer Challenge winner or working on your next killer corporate app to wow your boss, register now for the next part in our Super App webcast series! Learn more about BlackBerry APIs and concepts that are designed to provide the integrated experience BlackBerry smartphone users have come to expect in every app.

June 15th, 2010

11:00 AM to 12:30 PM EDT

Rajeev Massand, Senior Application Development Consultant

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  • Mo_hit4u

    during that or later can you answer this question
    is it possible to dynamicall add/remove icons from homescreen say u placing a shortcut for some functionality on homescreen?

    looking forward to this webcast. cheers 🙂

  • RajeevM

    Your question is duly noted and will be answered during Tuesday’s webcast. Looking forward to having you attend!

  • John mcintyre

    is there any Black Berry apps for Super 15 results like avaiable for Iphones

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