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Since the announcement of new community programs at Mobile World Congress App Planet, community-led BlackBerry® Developer Groups have continued to sprout up everywhere! Currently there are active groups all over the world, including Zurich, Berlin, Buenos Aires,Tel Aviv, with many more set to launch. If there isn’t one in your area already, you can bet there will be one soon.

By becoming a member of a BlackBerry Developer Group, you can:

  • Meet a local community with shared interests in learning, networking and support for BlackBerry development platforms.
  • Receive platform and program updates from Research In Motion® (RIM®).
  • Get access to exclusive discounts for Developer Certification Exams.
  • Receive exclusive discounts to select BlackBerry® Developer Events and Conferences.

Become a Group Manager! Start a new group!

We are also looking for new Group Managers around the world! Visit the BlackBerry Developer Groups page to find out more information, including additional benefits to which Group Managers are entitled and how to start a new Developer Group in your city if one does not already exist.

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  • Arthur Baynes

    I'm thinking of starting one in Richmond, VA!

  • iamtony

    The Edmonton group will have a meeting tomorrow. Look on the Meetup website for more details!

  • Douglas tr0n Soltys


    Can you post the link here? Thanks!

  • iamtony
  • Johnbibs

    Calling all blackberry developers in the Philippines! Join us!

  • Rob Green


    I just upgraded to Office 2010 and cannot sync. I called your help desk who told me that Desktop Manager 5.0.1 “doesn’t work with 2010 and there’s no work around”. Frankly this is very hard to believe. I’m a long time former Microsoft employee and not only is Office 2010 released but RIM would have been provided with beta and even alphas for over a year in advance.

    I am dead in the water and don’t want to revert back to 2007. Please advise. I’m happy to run a beta build of the new desktop manager if need be.


    Rob Green

  • Mobile Application Development


    Is there any group for Asia/India.

  • Alex Odago

    Is there a Blackberry Developer Group in Johanneburg

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