Creating BlackBerry Themes for the Enterprise

Theme Development

At WES 2010, a lot of attendees expressed interest in deploying themes on enterprise devices. Themes can provide great value in their ability to apply corporate messaging and branding across all devices within an organization. IT departments can also help reduce support calls by placing links to key Java® and web applications on the home screen within enterprise themes. The freely-downloadable BlackBerry® Theme Studio 5.0 can be used to create and package enterprise themes, which are ready to deploy on BlackBerry® Enterprise Servers just like Java applications.

In addition to the brand-messaging benefit of themes, there are some practical uses for themes as well. For instance, enterprise themes can display corporate hotline information for misplaced phones on the security lock screen, which can double as an animated corporate-branded screensaver. Theme developers can create an animated company-branded lock screen in four easy steps:

  1. Create two images using your favorite image editor – one with your company logo, and other with the misplaced phone hotline information.
  2. Use the BlackBerry Composer tool to create an animation that transitions between the company logo and the hotline information, and export to a SVG file.
  3. Launch the BlackBerry Theme Builder tool and set the animation SVG file as the background image on the Lock Screen.
  4. Use the export option in Theme Builder to generate a COD and ALX file, which can be deployed on corporate devices.

Let us know about your enterprise theme development experiences, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have!

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  • Richard

    is there a way to push out themes via bes?

  • RajeevM

    Yes there is!

    If you export your theme project using the 'Publish for Desktop Manager' option, it will produce one COD and one ALX file for a specific device model / OS in the specified folder. Using the exported files, you can then create a Software Configuration in your BES domain to push the theme to all devices, just the same as BlackBerry Java or Widget applications.

    Please refer to the following link for more details on how to setup your BES to perform a theme push –

  • lands

    How can you force the theme to be installed on the BB device once you push it using the BES?

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