BlackBerry Developer Executives Interactive Webcast May 25th


It’s a busy and exciting time for all of us here on the BlackBerry® Developer Relations team. With all the announcements and developments coming out of WES 2010 and the BlackBerry Partners Fund Super Apps Challenge that’s now underway, there’s been a ton of discussion within the developer community.

That said, we thought we’d switch up our webcast format slightly and offer you an interactive video session, where we’ll talk further about Super Apps, the Partners Fund Challenge, and the key takeaways from WES that are most important to you. We’ll answer your questions throughout the hour-long session.

So please join myself and Tyler Lessard, VP Global Alliances & Developer Relations, Research In Motion (RIM) on May 25th. We look forward to speaking with you then.

An Interactive Hour with BlackBerry Developer Executives

Tuesday May 25th, 2010

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT

Tyler Lessard, VP Global Alliances & Developer Relations, RIM
Mike Kirkup, Director, Developer Relations, RIM

Registration is required to attend this event. Register now!

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  • peter_strange

    Hm… I know Tyler and Mike are important, but I think I can do without the advertising video – spend the money on more people helping in the developer relations area.

    Anyway, here are some questions:
    a) When will the free BIS-B be rolled out? We can send data to the devices for free using BIS Push…
    b) Are you planning to introduce a lower cost, lower requirement Alliance partnership that gets access to the resources that small indeendent developers really want? Testing devices and BIS-B.
    c) As discussed at DevCon, are some of the newer facilities going to be available in older Code lines? Web Kit and ConnectionFactory being two that I am interested in.
    d) I can only go to one conference a year, should it be DevCon or WES?

    See you on the 25th….

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  • dkonigs

    If you're a developer, I can personally vouch for DevCon. I actually live in Orlando, and yet I couldn't justify the expense of going to WES. It has minimal developer content by comparison, and was a lot more expensive. (enough of a price difference that it made up for the lack of travel expenses) I've been to DevCon'08 and DevCon '09, and its always been an excellent experience.

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