WES 2010 Session Preview: Hybrid Application Development


WES 2010 is just around the corner and I wanted to give a preview of one of the sessions I’m going to be presenting this year:

WE15 – Creating Hybrid Applications: Building Web Applications using Java Components
April 27, 2010 03:15 PM (Crystal J room)

In this session, I’m going to be talking about the various types of hybrid application development that can be performed on the BlackBerry® platform today. To clarify what I mean by hybrid applications – which are often referred to as BrowserField or embedded browser applications – I’m referring to combining the use of both Web and Java® technologies in your application.

Traditionally, developers choose to use one or the other, but there is value in using both. Web and Java technologies each have strengths that can be leveraged in your hybrid applications. For example, web technologies such as HTML and CSS can be used to easily produce visually appealing and lush user interfaces, while various Java APIs found in the BlackBerry development environment can be used to provide functionally-rich integration with other applications and features on a BlackBerry® smartphone. Another major benefit of using the hybrid application design is that you can easily leverage content from the Internet, such as RSS feeds, web services or other existing web content that you wish to integrate into your application. The recent improvements to the platform through the BrowserField2 API and BlackBerry Widget SDK represent the next evolution of hybrid BlackBerry application development, as well as providing developers with a way of easily creating their own Super Apps.

I’m really excited about this session and it should be very interesting to see how this topic is received, and what comments, questions or issues developers may raise. I expect it to be an engaging and interactive session, as I’m sure many developers will be eager to share their own experiences.

If you haven’t done so already, I’d encourage you to register to attend WES 2010. WES is an exciting show to be at, with a robust list of sessions that are sure to entertain and enlighten you. If you end up attending my session, please feel free to introduce yourself and let me know that you read this blog post!

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