South American Success for BlackBerry Developer Day Events


I wanted to provide an update on the South American BlackBerry® Developer Day events in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Brazil (Sao Paulo), and India (Bangalore) that occurred over the past two weeks. Due to the devastating earthquake in Chile, we were unable to deliver the event in that location, but we will be coming back at the end of April to meet everyone in Chile!

I was personally able to deliver the presentations in Argentina and Brazil to very excited crowds. We were over capacity in Argentina, with more than 350 people attending to learn about development opportunities on the BlackBerry platform. It was a great session with lots of questions, and we had a lot of fun. Bryan Tafel from Sensebyte was gracious enough to share his experience as a BlackBerry smartphone developer and discuss the success they are seeing in the market. One of my favorite parts was how Bryan offered to lead the local Developer Group in Buenos Aires.

In Brazil, we had over 280 people attend the event, and Fabio Nunes from Navita Technologies shared the story of their worldwide success with the Navita Translator. It was a great event and everyone thoroughly enjoyed discussing how developers can add “Super App” characteristics to applications (which I’ll go more in-depth on in an upcoming post – let me know if you have any questions on this topic and I can answer them as part of the post!). We had several offers for candidates to start the local Developer Group in Sao Paulo and we will post more information once the site is set up.

In Bangalore, we had over 220 developers attend the event in partnership with SiliconIndia. (You can also read all about this event in this post by SiliconIndia.) We were incredibly excited about the active participation by the developers, and inspired by the great discussions around the opportunities on the BlackBerry platform.

All of these events are part of our pledge to engage developers in their local cities and local language. In particular, the Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2010 (WES) is a great event for developers, with almost 30 sessions on BlackBerry platform development. WES 2010 runs from April 27-29, and you can register to attend here.

We will continue to plan additional Developer Day events worldwide and would love to hear where you would like to see us host our next event, so leave us a comment and let us know!

About Mike Kirkup

Mike Kirkup is the Director for the Developer Relations program at Research In Motion (RIM), which is responsible for managing the technical relationships and programs for RIM’s developer community worldwide. Mike and his team work with RIM’s developer community to provide support and guidance as developers work to integrate their applications to the BlackBerry platform. Mike joined RIM in 2001 as a Security Software Developer in RIM’s Wireless Security Group. As part of the Wireless Securty group, Mike contributed to the development of the BlackBerry Cryptography API, S/MIME and PGP implementations. Mike holds a Masters of Management Science and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.

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  • Norah

    When do the next Developer events happen anywhere in Latin America?

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