Introducing the BlackBerry Developer Resource Center!


Today, the BlackBerry Developer Relations team is happy to announce the beta launch of the new Developer Resource Center, and I wanted to share the details with you here on the blog. The resource center is your new central destination for BlackBerry® development support resources. We know how important it is to have the right support resources, and to have them always within reach. That said, we’ve been working hard to provide the right solution for the community.

There are two major things we are looking to accomplish with the Developer Resource Center:

First, we want to make it easier for you to find the right resources. The resource center enables you to search by topic – regardless of the available resource format. For example, you can now search for “networking” and find the relevant video, tutorial, knowledge base article, sample code and community support forum discussion. All of these format types will now be available in a consistent article template. Within the resource center, we have organized all of the content into specific topics which are consistent with the support forum boards (i.e. Java®, Web, Themes, etc). When we release the full version of the resource center, the integrated search will also include product documentation resources.

Second, with the community’s help, we want to build the best set of resources for BlackBerry development. One of the great things about the resource center is that it’s social. Not only can you comment on helpful resources, but you will also be able to create and submit your own content for publishing! This can be done by leveraging existing support forum posts to create an article, embedding a video, or writing a new article from scratch. The RIM® Developer Relations team will then review for technical accuracy before publishing to the community. Community-generated content will also soon be another way to earn recognition points as part of the Developer Recognition Program.

We welcome you to start exploring the BlackBerry Developer Resource Center – and please provide your feedback! We’ll look to incorporate it as we move closer to the full release of this tool and future improvements.

We look forward to collaborating with you in the Developer Resource Center!

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  • Ryan Nickel

    This sounds great! Kudos RIM

  • HourglassThorne

    This definitely something that ought to become a solid resource for Blackberry Developers. My hope is that it will be something that not only provides information, but can be easily searched and navigated.

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