BlackBerry Partners Fund Launches “Super Apps” Developer Challenge


Our good friends at the BlackBerry Partners Fund have just launched their third annual Developer Challenge, focused on finding the best applications that showcase “Super Apps” characteristics on the BlackBerry® Application Platform today.

I am particularly excited about the changes the team has made to the Challenge this year in three areas:

  1. Regional Challenge – This is the first year that the challenge will be broken down into finding winners on a regional basis. It provides an opportunity for developers to differentiate themselves regionally and provide locally-focused applications with a compelling user experience.
  2. Prizes and Prize Structure – The prizes for the Challenge this year have never been higher, with over US$1.5 million in prizes available to participants. The structure of the prizes has been modified to provide incentives and awards for applications throughout the entire Challenge, rather than prizes focused at the few winners. On an even more compelling scale, the prizes have been set up to help developers achieve commercial success with their applications through application promotion services, testing services, translation services, go to market services, and many others. Many of these services are being provided by partners in our Developer Services program at RIM®, which I find particularly exciting.
  3. Available to new and existing applications in BlackBerry® App World™ – The Challenge has been opened up to all developers – both existing or new applications – to allow everyone to showcase how their application has the characteristics of a “Super App.” This should make for a great showcase of the power of the BlackBerry Application Platform and the sophistication of the applications built upon it.

You can find more information about the challenge on the BlackBerry Partners Fund website, and use the following link for more general information about “Super Apps” on BlackBerry.

I am highly anticipating seeing all of the submissions, and to have developers in our community recognized for making applications users cannot live without!

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  • Moveitmobile

    This type of initiative is great, but it needs the staff at Blackberry to understand the importance of supporting the developer community. As things stand we have been waiting for more than five weeks for a reply from the App World on a marketing inquiry. Furthermore we have been selling some of our solutions in App World for more than a year, but have never had the courtesy of a call/visit by the local Blackberry representatives in South Africa.

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