BlackBerry Developer Certification Update


I wanted to provide you with an update on our BlackBerry® Developer Certification program and outline the continued opportunities for you to showcase your skills on a BlackBerry® smartphone.

As Sanyu noted in her previous post, there are two streams available in the program to become a BlackBerry Certified Application Developer (see above image).

We first showcased the BCP-810 exam at our BlackBerry Developer Conference, and the BCP-811 exam in beta format. Both the BCP-810 and BCP-811 exams have now been finalized and are available to anyone looking to become a BlackBerry Certified Application Developer with a focus on Java®.

For our web development audience, we are currently hosting BCP-812 in beta format. As part of the beta, we are looking for 40 people who would like to volunteer to take the exam (we will waive our test registration fee) and provide feedback on the questions. If you are interested in volunteering to take the beta exam, please contact us at and we will be happy to send you more information.

You can sign up and take any of the exams through our test partner at thousands of examination centers worldwide. The certifications are currently only available in English, and I would like to hear about additional languages that people are interested in – please leave a comment and let us know! Also, please drop us a comment – or send us an e-mail – if you have taken the BCP-810 or BCP-811 exams, as we would love to hear your feedback.

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  • inteist

    What does certification give you? “Proven credentials” when looking for job/freelance projects? Or are there any other bonuses?

  • kurtzettel

    Will these be available at WES?

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