New England BlackBerry Developer Group Recap


Last week, I was able to speak at the inaugural meetup of the New England Developer Group in Boston, MA. It was a great event where I provided an in-depth look at the concept of Super Apps and how developers can take advantage of the capabilities of the BlackBerry® platform.

After the presentation, I opened the floor to any question from the audience, and we had a lively discussion around a variety of topics. We covered everything from BlackBerry App World™ (discussion of new billing models such as carrier and credit card billing in the future) to enhancements to our tooling (fast simulator support removing the need to reset received a round of applause). I was excited by both the types of the questions and the excitement in the community around the work we are doing to enhance the platform. I am looking forward to hearing about the success of the next meetup!

If you are considering running your own local Developer Group, you can find more information here, or read more about how the New England BlackBerry Developer Group got off the ground right here at the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog.

About Mike Kirkup

Mike Kirkup is the Director for the Developer Relations program at Research In Motion (RIM), which is responsible for managing the technical relationships and programs for RIM’s developer community worldwide. Mike and his team work with RIM’s developer community to provide support and guidance as developers work to integrate their applications to the BlackBerry platform. Mike joined RIM in 2001 as a Security Software Developer in RIM’s Wireless Security Group. As part of the Wireless Securty group, Mike contributed to the development of the BlackBerry Cryptography API, S/MIME and PGP implementations. Mike holds a Masters of Management Science and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.

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  • inteist

    More detailed summaries of the meetup by attendees are available
    and here:

  • SoftArtisans Team

    Thanks, Mike, for coming out for this event. We are already considering how we can build some of what you told us about into our BlackBerry/SharePoint integration product, SilverDust, the make it more of a “Super App”. It was great to meet you and it was our pleasure for SoftArtisans to be able to host this event. We're looking forward to the next meeting.

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